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Configuring Outlook 2011 for Nexus

If you have not previously used Outlook, but have installed Microsoft Office 2011 on your Mac, you can find Outlook by going to the Microsoft Office folder inside the Applications folder. When you open Outlook for the first time, it will give you the option to add a new account. However, you can later go through the same process to add a new account to your existing Outlook setup by clicking on [Tools] on Outlook's top menu bar and selecting [Accounts].

1. Adding a new account to connect to Nexus

When you start up Outlook you will see a welcome screen which gives you the option to add a new account or import data from Entourage or another applcation. Click the Add Account button.


Welcome screen
Figure 1. Welcome screen

The Accounts window opens; click on the Exchange Account icon.


Accounts window
Figure 2. Accounts window

A drop down window appears for you to enter your account information.


Account details window
Figure 3. Account details window

You will have to enter your E-mail address which will be of the form ( in the example above). In the Method field in the Authentication section you need to select [User name and Password] from the drop down menu and then you will need to fill in your User name and Password in the two remaining fields. The User name is your Single Sign-On username (aka your Oxford username) which is usually of the form abcd1234, and the Password is your Single Sign-On password. Make sure that the Configure automatically checkbox is ticked.

Click the Add Account.

You should then see the following pop up window asking whether the Nexus autodiscovery server should be allowed to set the configuration for this account:


Autodiscover pop up window
Figure 4. Autodiscover pop up window

On this screen tick Always use my response for this server and then click the Allow button.

Once the installation program has contacted the autodiscovery server and retrieved all your details it will take you to the Account window to show you the details that it has now configured for this account.


Account window
Figure 5. Account window

You can make changes to some of this information to customise your particular installation. You may want to change the Account description - this is merely for display on your computer, so choose what makes sense to you. In the figure above, Oxford Nexus has been chosen. You can also edit your Full Name as you want it to appear in the sender field, in the example above OUCS webmasters test account. Do not edit any of the other fields.

When you are happy with the details shown on this screen you can use the red cross in the top left hand corner of the window to close the window.

This completes the configuration of Outlook 2011 to access Nexus and the main Outlook window should now appear showing your newly created account, ready for you to use.


Main Outlook window
Figure 6. Main Outlook window

2. Editing account settings after the initial setup

If you need to edit any settings for your Nexus account after your initial setup go to [Tools] on Outlook's top menu bar and select [Accounts].This will bring up the Accounts screen where you can edit existing settings or even add a new account.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014