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Resource Booking

The Nexus service can allow authorised users to book resources and rooms around the University. This is a great feature of the service and one that is easily created and managed.

If you would like to use Nexus to book a resource that isn't currently listed:

  • Apply to Registration first for a project account (via Self-Reg ITSS project account application). N.B. If you are not registered as ITSS, then you will need your local ITSS officer to apply for you
  • Then the administrator/owner will configure the resource and room booking service to their local needs (including capacity, whether it's a room, a piece of equipment and so on).

The following links will take you to either the administrator or the end user guides:

Please Note:

Some email clients don'€™t block out the time in the resource calendar when "˜All day event"™ option is selected. We suggest users not to use "All day event"€™ option instead set hours on a booking (start and end time).

The differences between Project Accounts and Resource Mailboxes are also available.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 December 2017