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What is Delve?

Delve is a way to discover and organise information from anywhere within Nexus365.

Delve can show you documents you have been working on, documents other people have shared with you from OneDrive, Teams or Groups, and documents that have been emailed to you. It only shows you documents that you already have permission to access.

Key features are:

  • Boards: where you can group and share related documents. For example, you might create a board to collect all documents for a particular project.
  • Favourites: where you can store documents or boards. Use this for items you want to keep track of easily.
  • People: Delve shows you other Nexus365 users you’ve recently interacted with, and you can also search for people.

Why use Delve?

Delve takes information from across Nexus365 and puts it into a user interface that’s clearly laid out and easy to navigate. It also lets you search for content.

Delve is useful when you want to find a document and don’t remember the title or where it’s stored. For example, you can click on a person to see the documents they have emailed to you.

Getting started

Log in to your Nexus365 account and click the Delve icon on your Nexus365 app launcher.

Delve icon

Further information

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 3 December 2019