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Nexus365: Delve

What is Nexus365 Delve?

Delve helps you discover information from anywhere within Nexus365 that's likely to be of most interest to you.

It allows you to find information about people - and through people - and help others find you. Even if you don't remember the title of a document or where it's stored within OneDrive for Business. Delve is able to show you documents which you already have permission to access, no matter where they are inside Nexus365. This includes documents you have recently been working on, documents someone has shared with you from their own OneDrive, Team or Group. It will even show you documents that have been emailed to you.

Why use Nexus365 Delve?

Delve takes information from across Nexus365 and puts it into one user interface that’s clearly laid out and easy to navigate.

A few benefits of using Delve are:

  • Click someone’s name or picture anywhere in Delve to see documents they’re working on or to learn more about them.
  • When you find a document you’re interested in, add it as a favourite or to an organisational 'board' to easily get back to it later.
  • Search for and discover people, documents or boards to which you have access without needing to know the actual location of the work.

Accessing Nexus365 Delve

Delve can be accessed by selecting the icon from in the Nexus 365 app launcher. Delve icon

Sign in to your Nexus365 account through the Nexus365 portal.

If you are not already logged into Webauth you will need to sign in using your SSO (Single Sign On) username and password.

Getting Started with Nexus365 Delve

You may not be able to change all the information in your profile. Some information such as name, title is collected from other systems. To change these details please contact your IT support staff (ITSS).

  1. Click on Update profile on the profile section on your page.
  2. Update your information as you desire, write a few words about in the About me box.
  3. To change the contact information in Delve you will need to click on the small pencil  to edit.
  4. All changes except for the About me text are saved automatically when you click your name at the top of the edit page to show you are done updating.

The Get back to your recent documents section shows the documents you've recently authored or modified, and that are stored in OneDrive for Business or in Sites.

To find information about other people you need to go to their profile page. The People list on the left will show you all the people you’ve recently viewed in Delve. Other people can be found by:

  1. Clicking a person’s name or picture anywhere in Delve.
  2. Type their name in the search box and when found click their name.

There are other ways for searching for people such as skills, projects, education or other personal information they have added to their profile.

Hints and Tips when using Nexus365 DelveNexus365: Delve


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 2 January 2019