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Email Troubleshooting

Why are Android users asked to grant numerous permissions when setting up Nexus365 email?
When setting up an Android product to use Nexus365 you will be asked to allow or activate several different permissions. These are for corporate security policy settings and can all be allowed. There is one that asks to allow the app Email to erase all data by performing a factory reset. This feature is intended for users and/or ITSS to erase University data if a device is lost or stolen. The Nexus team will never initiate this setting without the owner’s permission while the owner is with the University.
When using OWA (Outlook Web App) the Service always defaults to the light version
This can happen if you are using an older version of a browser. See Supported browsers for Outlook Web App.

As an OWA user you should have a choice of logging into OWA Premium or OWA Light, but sometimes both of these links can default to the light version. We have found the following URL works if you can't log into the Premium version:

When you forward all your mail to another email service, such as Gmail, sometimes the service won't accept it
If you forward mail from your Nexus365 account it is possible that sometimes this forward will fail. This can happen when the recipient system determines that their recipient policy has been violated for that particular message.

You may get a rejection message such as: "Security or policy settings at <> have rejected your message. Security or policy violation."

This does not mean that the forward has fundamentally failed, just that the recipient system has analysed the individual message and assessed that it will not be accepted.

Is it possible to restore buttons for Forward, Reply and so on, instead of a drop-down box?
This is actually something that Microsoft have changed and we have no influence over their setup specifications. However, the ‘light’ view still uses buttons, so you might wish to use this.

You can log in to the light version with this URL:

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 18 June 2019