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Accessing Email via Outlook


Getting Started with Nexus365


              Accessing Email via Outlook

   1. Open Outlook.  If you are seeing this error message don't worry, simply close Outlook completely, reopen it and continue.

    MS Exchange admin error

  2. When the Windows Security window opens change your username to your SSO@OX.AC.UK and then insert your password.

  Log in and change your user name

  If you need help with your Oxford Username, please visit:

  3. Outlook will look very similar to what you are used to.  There might be a slight delay between signing in and your email account being available.  If this happens make sure that you have signed in correctly.  You might also receive repeated requests to sign in, don't worry, keep signing in, each request is for a mailbox which you have access to.  In the meantime, you can access your email via the web (see above).

  Accessing your email on other clients and devices

  If you're accessing email on other clients, such as mobile devices, you will need to change your settings.  For instructions on how to do this see Getting Started on the Nexus365 Homepage.

Many ways to access Nexus365

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 January 2019