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Teams, Groups, Planner & Delve FAQs

Is there a limit on the number of Teams that can be set up?
No. This is down to local policy.  Creation of a Team is via a Service Request.  Only UAS and Local ITSS are able to request a Team on behalf of their users.
If a user only has an SSO but no email account will they have access to Teams?
No, the user still needs an email account as well.
What clients are available for Teams?
Microsoft and Mac are available but unfortunately not Linux.
Can you add external members to a Team?
No. Unlike personal OneDrive for Business, external members cannot be added
Can confidential information be stored in Teams?
Yes, but this is subject to local policy on data storage.
Why can't I create a plan in Nexus365?
Plans are part of Team functionality. If you have access to a Team then its associated plan(s) can be accessed via the Planner icon., but this is subject to local policy on data storage. See
Does Teams functionality work differently in Nexus365?
When opening up Teams from the launch page or the apps waffle it may open a new tab or open in the current tab (varies for browsers). Once in Teams there is no 'waffle' to be able to get out to mail, calendar etc. Workaround if you need to use Teams is to open a second instance of Nexus365 to get to the other functionality. Teams is new Microsoft funcitonality so this might change in time.
Adding a guest to a Team.
An Administrator can add guests to a Team but they need to ensure that they are adding their Nexus365 login ID (sso@OX.AC.UK) rather than their email address (
If I currently use Slack - should I change to using Teams?
Microsoft Teams does provide similar functionality to Slack, but which product to use is ultimately a decision for you to make. We would recommend that you test Teams once you have access to it and compare it with Slack. A key advanatge of Microsoft Teams is that it does provide seamless integration with the rest of Office 365.
Office Groups - not everyone gets an email that is sent to it.
One of the reasons for a member of an office group to not receive emails sent to the Group is when a member unsubscribes from a group email but remains in the Group, they will not then receive emails.  Unfortunately very often the user forgets that they have unsubscribed so this should be the first place to look when troubleshooting.  When a user unsubscribes from a group they will still be a member but no longer receive all group conversations into their personal inbox.  Instead, they'll only receive replies to their posts, messages where they are mentioned, and events in their personal inbox.  For all other group converations they will have to go to the group inbox to see them.
Do alumni and retirees have access to these tools at the University?
No.  Retired staff  are provisioned with a Microsoft licence, giving them a Nexus365 mailbox (email and calendar) only.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 July 2018