What computers can I install Office 2016 onto?
You can install Office 2016 on to any compatible computer or mobile device that is owned personally by you or has been assigned to you be the University.  Please seek advice from your local ITSS before installing this on University managed machines or devices.  Each installation will consume one of your (5) user licenses.
Can I download Office 2016 onto my University PC as our version is older?
No, you should not attempt to install the software on University-managed computers. All staff and students are entitled to install and activate up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office software on personal computers or mobile devices only for as long as they remain members of the University. If your work computer is not centrally managed you should seek guidance from your local ITSS.
Will I be able to change my subscription of my downloaded copy of Office 2016 from 'onthehub' to my new Nexus365 account?
Yes, you can change your subscription from OnTheHub to the Nexus365 account. The process involves changing the registered email address.  Instructions are available.
What is the difference between accessing documents via the browser version of Office and the Word/Excel etc on my PC or laptop?
Office Online allows users to create and edit files using lightweight, web browser-based versions of Microsoft Office apps. The desktop version of the Office suite is the full featured version you are most likely familiar with. The complete list of features available in both version are available on the Microsoft Technet Site
Are alumni and retirees able to download Office 2016 through Nexus365?
No.  Retired staff  are provisioned with a Microsoft licence, giving them a Nexus365 mailbox (email and calendar) only.