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Skype for Business FAQs

Does Skype work with FireFox? 
The simple answer is no.  The Skype plugin in via a web browser i.e. OWA, is not compatible with FireFox.  
How can I get Skype for Business to work with (personal) Skype?

‘Skype’ and ‘Skype for Business’ are two distinct Microsoft products, as is explained in this article

There is no viable solution to enable a Skype user to talk to a Skype for Business user easily but the following workarounds have been suggested by Microsoft.

User 1 = Skype for Business user
User 2 = Skype user

Workaround 1

In order for User 1 and User 2 to communicate with each other, their usernames must be on each other’s respective contact lists.

Start from scratch and make sure User 1 and User 2 do not have each other’s contact details in their contact lists. Then start the ‘add contact’ process with User 1 adding User 2 to their contact list. User 2 should then login to Skype via User 2 should find the invitation from User 1 and accept the contact request. Once User 2 has accepted the contact request from User 1 and both Users appear in each other’s respective contact lists, they should be able to communicate with each other.

Note: If User 1 and User 2 do not see each other’s username on their contact lists, then the process has failed and they should start again from step 1.

Workaround 2

An alternative is for User 2 to use the Skype Classic client available here which should work with Skype for Business.


Skype for Desktops with Windows 10

Workaround 3

An alternative is for User 1 to set up a meeting in Outlook.  User 1 sends an invite to User 2’s email address and User 2 can then join as a guest through the Outlook web client and there is no need for them to have a Skype presence -

Can I dial into a Skype meeting? 
Unfortunately teleconferencing is not part of the O365 Education license that we have as part of our Microsoft Campus agreement. There is already an offering from IT service through the Chorus service for teleconferencing, further information is available here - There may be options for Neuxs365 Skype for Business and Chorus to be more closely integrated in the future.
How can I get Skype for Business on a Mac to work with (personal) Skype? 
1. Skype for Business and Skype for Mac MUST be upgraded to the latest version (16.20.90 and respectively, at time of writing) 2. Skype for Mac adds the Skype for Business user (sso@OX.AC.UK), but does not try to send a message at this stage. 3. Skype for Business user checks the New Contacts tab, and finds the Skype for Mac user 4. Skype for Business user initiates a chat with the Skype for Mac user - this forces them to add the Skype for Mac ID as a contact. 5. The two accounts can now communicate with each other.
How do I add a new profile photo in Nexus365?
See the following document about How to add a new profile picture.
Do alumni and retirees have access to Skype for Business at the University?
No.  Retired staff  are provisioned with a Microsoft licence, giving them a Nexus365 mailbox (email and calendar) only.




Written by IT Services. Latest revision 14 November 2018