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Nexus365 Frequently Asked Questions

General Nexus365 FAQs

Where is my data stored in Nexus365?
Data is stored in Microsoft’s UK repositories, backed up to other European Economic Area Data Centres.
Can I use Nexus365 on an internet connection other than the Oxford network or Eduroam, for example in a cafe or on the Park & Ride?
Yes, but see the University guidelines for staying safe on the move and for ensuring that your mobile devices are secure.
Is security enforced on mobile clients, for example add a PIN number?
No, it is your responsibility to secure your own personal data on mobile devices. Please follow the advice on the Information Security website.
Do alumni have access to Nexus365 at the University?
No – please see Email forwarding guidance from the Alumni Office.
Do retirees have access to Nexus365 at the University?
Yes, retired staff will be provided with a Microsoft licence, depending on their card status, giving them a Nexus365 mailbox (email and calendar) only. Retirees will not have access to other Nexus365 functionality.

Email FAQs

What is my email quota?
All Nexus365 users get an email inbox quota of 50GB. If you are likely to exceed this limit you can get additional storage space by turning on archive mailboxes. These mailboxes are still searchable and you can set rules to transfer emails from live to archived while keeping the folder structure.
To use archive mailboxes:
1. Email the Service Desk on and ask to have this functionality turned on.
2. Enable your archive mailbox, following the Microsoft guidance.
Are my emails secure in the cloud?
Yes. The University’s Information Security Team has confirmed that the cloud-based service meets the University’s information security requirements. For further information, see Nexus365 Security and privacy.
Can I use email to share sensitive/confidential information?
You should not use email for this purpose unless the information is encrypted. See the University guidelines for sending confidential emails and documents.
Is there backup of email in the cloud?
Microsoft back up Office 365 content for disaster recovery purposes (not for restoring personal files).
How do I recover my deleted emails?
Follow the instructions in How to recover deleted emails
How do I move an Outlook Data File from my .pst files (personal folders) to my Nexus365 inbox?
Follow the instructions in How to import PST files
How do I change the 'From' field in Outlook Web App?
Follow the Microsoft instructions.
How do I add an additional mailbox in OWA?
Follow the instructions in Add an additional mailbox on OWA.
How do I remove my stored credentials in Outlook and delete old usernames and passwords?
Follow the instructions in How to clear saved credentials.
How do I re-direct emails from Nexus365?
Microsoft have advice on how to automatically forward messages to another account, set up forwarding and redirection automatically via Inbox Rules and forwarding emails to your Nexus365 account.
I have a question that is not answered here.
Check the advice on Nexus365 email: Troubleshooting.

Delegating and sharing FAQs

How can I set up email so that someone else can send on my behalf?
The IT Services Helpdesk can help in setting up your email account so that someone can temporarily ‘send as you’ through delegated access. Please contact the IT Services Helpdesk via the help form.
Who should have Send As rights over my account?
There are few situations where it is useful for someone else to have Send As rights over a personal account. Send on Behalf privileges are usually sufficient. However, you might want to Send As a generic account (such as manager@...) if you don’t want your personal identity or email address to be revealed.
What if I don’t want my personal identity or email address to be revealed?
You will need Send As privileges over a (generic) role or project account which you can use for sending emails.
You could also ask to have your email address made ex-directory so that it does not appear in the University Global Address List. Email to request this.
Why can’t I permanently work within a generic mailbox and then occasionally send an email (from that account) that looks as if it comes from my personal account?
It is seen as a security risk to devolve privileges from a generic or project mailbox to a personal mailbox. (This is to do with traceability and accountability).
A better solution is to switch between identities temporarily.
What are the security implications of giving someone Full Access to my account?
Anyone with Full Access rights to your mailbox can read and amend anything found within your account, ‘share’ access to folders to others without your knowledge, set Out of Office, manage email rules (for example, to forward emails elsewhere) and recover deleted items even when they have been purged out of the Deleted Items folder (if within 7 days). Far more seriously, if someone has the credentials (username and password) to the account, they can give access to the whole of the account to anyone (in a very few clicks) without your knowledge.
I manage my generic/role/project account by sharing a username and password with my colleagues. Is this secure and are there other options?
This is best avoided because it means any breach in security is very difficult to deal with and trace where ‘shared credentials’ are used.
A better solution is to create a new mailbox and giving access to that mailbox to one or many people.
What is automapping?
Automapping is a feature in Outlook that automatically displays the mailboxes that you have 'Full Access' permission for, as well as your personal mailbox.
It’s generally very useful, as it saves you adding a mailbox manually, but it may cause performance issues for people who have full access to a large number of accounts.
It can also be a problem if you want sent and deleted items to go to the 'Sent Items' and 'Deleted Items' folders of the secondary mailbox. Automapped mailboxes will put these in the 'Sent Items' and 'Deleted Items' folders of your main account, not the shared account.
If you want your automapping settings changed (turned on or off), please email with your username and the username of the secondary account, stating whether you do or do not want that mailbox to automap to your Outlook client.

Calendar FAQs

When should I share my calendar and when should I delegate?
Our Delegating and Sharing page takes you through various scenarios to help you choose the best approach.
Can I see other people's calendars?
You will be able to see ‘free’ and ‘busy’ information in other people's calendars (as long as they have enabled this for ‘People inside your organisation’), but you might not be able to see any more detail than that. It depends what permissions they have given you. To compare diaries easily, you can view multiple calendars at the same time.

OneDrive FAQs

I already use OneDrive – can I also use OneDrive for Business?
If you already use OneDrive and don’t want to move any data you can use two separate OneDrive accounts. You will be prompted when logging in to select which you would like to use, Business or Personal.
If you want to move data from your personal OneDrive to your OneDrive for Business account, be aware that personal OneDrive accounts are not supported by IT Support Staff. See Microsoft guidance on how to move files from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business.
Can I use OneDrive for Business with my personal OneDrive account?
No, they are separate.
Should I use OneDrive for Business or other cloud services such as DropBox?
The key difference between unauthorised cloud storage services and Nexus365's OneDrive is that Nexus365 has enterprise-level support, availability, troubleshooting and network capacity. We can also prioritise issues in a way you won’t get on a free or single-user unauthorised storage solution.
If you are considering other storage solutions, please check the University’s guidelines on cloud services and how to use them safely.
What happens if data is lost?
Data in Nexus365’s OneDrive is recoverable by Microsoft if there is a major disaster, such as one of their datacentres being destroyed. Documents you save to OneDrive keep a history of editing activity meaning that you can easily return to a previous version of a file. However, your OneDrive files are not backed-up to tape in the way that you may be used to. There are some protections against accidental file deletions but if you are concerned that you will always need the ability to fully recover files from backup tapes, particularly after a long period of time, OneDrive will not be a good fit for your needs.
OneDrive has a recycle bin. What are the deletion rules?
Deletion rules for OneDrive are the same as for your email account. A deleted item will be held in the ‘Deleted Items’ folder for 90 days, this is then followed by 30 days in the ‘Recoverable Items’ folder.
If you want to restore deleted files, follow the Microsoft guidance at Restore your OneDrive.
Does a shared mailbox get its own OneDrive for Business environment?
No. A shared mailbox (or project mailbox) does not have any OneDrive allocation, because it does not belong to a single person. It just has email and a calendar.
What happens to your OneDrive for Business account when you leave the University (or college)?
The account expires as soon as you leave the University. Anyone who has been given shared access to files will be able to access them for a further 2 months or until their account has been officially deleted.
Is there a way to use OneDrive for Business on Linux?
Yes there is, via the web browser.
Can OneDrive for Business be switched off for our users?
No, this cannot be done.
Who administers OneDrive for Business?
OneDrive for Business is administered by IT Services.

Teams and Groups FAQs

What’s the difference between Teams and Groups?
A Group is a group of people working together, made up of individual members from within the University. A Team is one of the many workspaces in which a Group can collaborate. A Group can exist outside Teams, but to use Teams you need to have a Group. When you create a Team, you can add it to an existing Group or create a new one.
Is there a limit on the number of Teams that can be set up?
No – this is down to local policy. However, you will need to put in a Service Request for a Team to be created. Only UAS and local IT Support Staff are able to request a Team on behalf of Team owners.
If I only have a Single Sign-On account but no email account will I have access to Teams?
No, you still need an email account as well.
What clients are available for Teams?
Microsoft and Mac are available. A Linux client has been promised before the end of 2019.
Can you add external members to a Team?
Yes. Anyone you wish to add must have a valid email address. Note that some 'opt out' units will not be able to be added to teams either as internal or external members, and some external organisations may also have local settings in place in their own Office365 tenancies that prohibit the use of Teams so any users experiencing problems should consult their own local systems administrators first. Also note that external members of a team cannot be made Team Owners.
Can confidential information be stored in Teams?
In principle, yes, but this is subject to local policy on data storage: check with your local IT Support Staff.
Can I record meetings in Teams?
Yes, for teaching and learning purposes (see policy guidance). These feature is available to members of staff on request by completing this form, note is can take up to 24 hours for the recording feature to appear. Recordings are held within Stream, please see the following for more information on Recording in Teams or Stream
Can I add new members to a Team?
If you are a Team owner, you can add people to a Team (whether they are internal users with Nexus365 accounts, or external users via their email addresses). For University users, use their email address or SSO (if you know it) or try a name lookup when adding members to a team. Alternatively you could choose to generate a Team code and share this with your users so they can join straight away: Generating a Team Link or Join Code
Can I have private channels in a Team? 
Yes you can! This feature has just been introduced but bear in mind you can only create new private channels in your teams, not change existing channels to be private. More here: 
Can I be granted administrative rights to create my own Teams?
At present, we have opened up team creation requests in OSM to anyone in the University, to accommodate working / teaching from home. There are several technical and operational reasons why we will not go beyond this and also open up "Self Service" team creation for users. Please submit a request through the OSM (Oxford Service Manager) portal and the Nexus Team will create your team for you as quickly as possible.
Can I access Teams Live Events?
Teams Live Events are not available under our current licensing agreement, and comes at a considerable cost. The limitations (15 concurrent Live Events per Tenancy) would also be a limiting factor in the use of Teams Live Events at the University so it is not enabled, and you're likely to get an error message if you try to use it.
Can external phone systems "Dial in" to a Teams meeting?
Dial-in access to join Teams Meetings is available on request for staff involved in teaching during Trinity term by completing the appropriate form. Once enabled a dial in number is included on all meeting invitations issued by that member of staff.
I currently use Slack – should I change to using Teams?
Teams does provide similar functionality to Slack, but which product to use is up to you. We would recommend that you try out Teams and compare it with Slack. A key advantage of Teams is that it does provide seamless integration with the rest of Nexus365.

Skype for Business FAQs

Does Skype work with FireFox?
No. The Skype plugin in via a web browser is not compatible with FireFox.
Can I dial into a Skype meeting?
Teleconferencing is not part of our Office 365 Education license. However, IT Services provides teleconferencing through the Chorus service. There may be options for Neuxs365 Skype for Business and Chorus to be more closely integrated in the future.
Is it correct that Skype for Business will be replaced by Teams?
Yes, the Microsoft Roadmap indicates that this is their intention at some point to improve the integration of the Office365 tools.
Who can use Skype for Business web version?
Skype for Business web version can be used by anyone, even those who have the client version of Skype for Business already installed.
What apps can be used in Skype for Business web version?
You can use the Skype Meetings App or Skype for Business Web App to join a Skype for Business meeting from your browser.
Can I use Skype for Business to call someone who has consumer Skype?
‘Skype’ and ‘Skype for Business’ are two distinct Microsoft products. There is no viable solution to enable a Skype user to talk to a Skype for Business user easily.
How can I get Skype for Business on a Mac to work when I also have (personal) Skype on the same device?
1. Skype for Business and Skype for Mac MUST be upgraded to the latest version (16.20.90 and respectively, at time of writing)
2. Skype for Mac adds the Skype for Business user (sso@OX.AC.UK), but does not try to send a message at this stage.
3. Skype for Business user checks the New Contacts tab, and finds the Skype for Mac user
4. Skype for Business user initiates a chat with the Skype for Mac user - this forces them to add the Skype for Mac ID as a contact. 5. The two accounts can now communicate with each other.

Delve FAQs

How do I add a document to Favourites?
If you see a document in Delve that you want to save for later, click the bookmark icon and the document will be added to your favourites.
Why can’t I see a recent document?
Documents do not show up instantly and can take up to an hour to show up in Delve. After this, any changes that are made to the documents will appear in Delve within minutes.
How private is Delve?
Your Delve is personalised to you. Other people will not see the same as you but will see documents that are relevant to them.

Forms FAQs

Is Microsoft Forms GDPR compliant?
Microsoft Forms passes GDPR compliancy, with Microsoft hosting data held in forms within UK / EU Datacentres as of May 2018. Information Security have approved Microsoft Forms for Nexus365 users, while emphasising the University's rules for retention and disposal of any personal data gathered using the app.
How many forms can I create?
You can create up to 200 forms within the hub or within your own OneDrive for Business or Excel online areas.
What's the difference between quizzes and forms?
Quizzes allow you to add an extra layer of correct answers to each question in the form, and a number of points to be kept in a tally as your users fill in their answers. Several answers can be included in each question and Microsoft Forms will use these as the basis for scoring. In comparison, forms do not allow scorekeeping but request either Choice, Text, Rating Date inputs (using a date picker) or a ranking (for surveys etc.)
Can people edit and resubmit their responses?
Not currently, though Microsoft have had requests for it. Each response is considered 'standalone / one-shot' so Microsoft Forms is unsuitable for scenarios where you may need people to edit or part-complete their entries.
Is Microsoft Forms a replacement for Nintex or Infopath?
Microsoft Forms is not meant to be a direct replacement for more complex forms solutions such as those offered by Nintex or via Infopath (offered as part of the current On-Premises Nexus Sharepoint Service). However, there are cases where Microsoft Forms can be used in place of 'flat' forms (forms that do not need file attachments or complex rules or validation. For example, you could use Forms to gather quick survey or poll data to be exported to Excel or a spreadsheet hosted in your OneDrive for Business.
Can Microsoft Forms handle file attachments?
From December 2019, Microsoft will be rolling out an additional "File Attachment" question type, with rollout due to complete by January 2020. This will allow Microsoft Form creators to handle attachments of a specific type, file size and number - with files (by default) saved to the person's OneDrive (you can also have them saved to a Team's Channel file area if the forms are created there).
Does Microsoft Forms Pro fall under the current service provision?
Microsoft Forms Pro is a separately priced product and is not available under Nexus365 as it is a 'per user' subscription cost.

Office 365 download FAQs

Can I download Office 365 onto my University PC?
You can install Office on University-managed computers if they are assigned to you and if they don’t exceed the maximum number of installations (5). We recommend that you consult your local IT Support Staff before attempting to do this.
Will I be able to change my subscription for my downloaded copy of Office 365 from OnTheHub to my new Nexus365 account?
Yes, you can change your subscription from OnTheHub to the Nexus365 account. The process involves changing your registered email address. See our instructions for switching from OnTheHub to Nexus365.
What if I have reached my Office activation limit?
All staff and students get 5 user licenses. If you want to download Office onto an additional device you will first need to deactivate your installation on one of your others. Follow the Microsoft guidance on how to do this
What is the difference between Office 365 download and Office 2016?
Office 365 is a subscription service that gives you a continually updating copy of Office to ensure you always have the most up-to-date version from Microsoft.
Office 2016 (like Office 2013 before it, and the new Office 2019) is a one-off purchase, which gives you Office apps for just one computer: you buy it once and don’t get the option to upgrade to a newer version.
Both are downloaded onto your computer and accessed locally (rather than through the web).
See Microsoft article for more details.
What is the difference between accessing documents on my PC or laptop and via the browser version?
The desktop version of the Office suite is the full featured version you are most likely familiar with.
The online version, Office Online, lets you create and edit files using lightweight, web browser-based versions of Microsoft Office apps such as Word and Excel.
How long can I keep Office on my computer?
You can have Microsoft Office software on your computer or mobile device only for as long as you remain a member of the University.
How can I reclaim a licence I’ve used for an Office 365 software installation on a device?
You may need to do this if, for example, you are moving offices or you have lost or had your computer stolen. The steps to reclaim a licence are:
1. From any computer, go to and sign in using your SSO.
2. From the Install status tile, select Manage installs.
3. Under Install status, select Deactivate to deactivate the Office installations you no longer use.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 11 May 2020