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Nexus365: Hints and Tips

The problem when replying to an email in Outlook via a web browser with the default being Reply All has now been solved and users do not need to take any action - even if they have changed their default previously.
From Friday 25th May 2018 all migrated accounts will change from 'Reply All' to 'Reply'. You do not need to take any further action.  For accounts migrated after this date, the default will be automatically changed before 08:00hrs BST on the day of migration and users will not have to take any action at all.  
How do I add a new profile photo in Nexus365?
See the following document about How to add a new profile picture.
Adding a guest to a Team.
An Administrator can add guests to a Team but they need to ensure that they are adding their Nexus365 login ID (sso@OX.AC.UK) rather than their email address (
Office Groups - not everyone gets an email that is sent to it.
One of the reasons for a member of an office group to not receive emails sent to the Group is when a member unsubscribes from a group email but remains in the Group, they will not then receive emails.  Unfortunately very often the user forgets that they have unsubscribed so this should be the first place to look when troubleshooting.  When a user unsubscribes from a group they will still be a member but no longer receive all group conversations into their personal inbox.  Instead, they'll only receive replies to their posts, messages where they are mentioned, and events in their personal inbox.  For all other group converations they will have to go to the group inbox to see them.
How to re-direct emails from Nexus365.
Microsoft have some advice on how to either forward emails, automatically forward messages to another account, set up forwarding and redirection automatically via Inbox Rules and forwarding emails to your Nexus365 account.
Is it possible to restore buttons for Forward, Reply etc. instead of a drop-down box?
This is actually something that Microsoft have changed and we have no influence over their setup specifications. If, however, you wish to use the 'Light View' it still uses buttons, see AND

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 25 May 2018