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Configuring Mac Mail

If your University Nexus email account is already set up on your device  DELETE the old account before configuring your Nexus365 account.

To set up Mac Mail to check your Office 365 email account follow these steps:

  • Open Mac Mail as normal and from the "Mail" menu choose "Accounts..."
  • Choose Exchange from the list. If you have an existing email account already configured, click the "Plus" button under the list of accounts to add your office 365 account.

                     Select Exchange

  • Enter your name (first name and last name) and then department email address and then your SSO password (created at account activation, the one tied to your email account).

                     Add your details and password

  • Click Sign In  Wait a short while, then:

Note: If you see the following dialogue box click the NEXT button

                   Select NEXT button is you see this box


  • Email Address: (normal University email address)
  • Username: enter just your Single Sign On (SSO) in the format abcd1234 plus @OX.AC.UK (this address is case sensitive!)
  • Internal Server Address: (NOTE! Depending on which version of OS you're using, you may need to try the address with or without the https:// in front of it)
  • External Server Address: Leave blank. 

                     Add user's details

  • Click Sign In
  • Choose which features you want to sync.  For example, if you want to bring over your contacts and synch Apple Calendar with your exchange calendar, select those options from the list in addition to email.

                      Select apps for syncing

  • Click Done to complete the set up process.
  • Add your proper email address go to Mail/preferences/accounts/email address and drop down to edit email addresses, click on + sign and add your proper sender address as
  • Finally, when you compose a new email, the From address has a drop down menu where you can chose your proper address  (e.g.

Your email account is now set up on Mac Mail.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 17 June 2019