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Switching from OnTheHub to Nexus365

These instructions will guide you through the process of deactivating your downloaded copy of Office 2016 and reactivating it with your Nexus365 account. You won't need to uninstall and install your copy of Office.

You can also follow these steps if your existing Office 365 subscription from a service like OnTheHub has expired and you want to reactivate it.

First deactivate your Office 365 subscription

If you have an active Office 365 subscription linked with your downloaded Office 365 suite you can deactivate this following these steps.

  1. Sign into your original Office 365 service using the login name and password associated with that account.
  2. Click on the cog for settings at the top of the Office 365 window.
  3. Under ‘Your app settings’ click on Office 365.
  4. Click on Software (Install software).
  5. ‘Manage installs’ will have an option to deactivate Office on one computer and install it on another.
  6. Click on Go to My account > Install status.
  7. Under Office you will have the option to Deactivate.

deactivation dialogue

8. Click Yes on the prompt and Office 365 is officially deactivated. A ‘Product Deactivated’ confirmation screen should then appear.

product deactivated dialogue

Then activate/reactivate Office 365 with Nexus365 credentials

To reactivate your copy of Office:

9. Click Sign In on the ‘Product Deactivated’ screen. This will then prompt you to sign in to activate Office and will ask for an email address to associate your downloaded copy of Office 2016 with. To reactivate with your Nexus365 account, use your SSO (Single Sign On) with the suffix @OX.AC.UK (making sure it is capitalised).

10. This will redirect you to the University of Oxford WebAuth login screen.

11. Login with your SSO (Single Sign On) and password.

12. You will then be notified you that the account has been updated and ‘This computer has been added to your account.’

What if I closed the closed the ‘Product Deactivated’ screen by mistake?

If you clicked out of the ‘Product Deactivated’ screen for any reason, or you have restarted your machine, the applications will run without fault for a limited time (a few days or more). Eventually you will be prompted with the ‘Product Deactivated’screen appearing again. Follow steps 9-12 from the Activate/Reactivate Office 365 credentials stage. To change the login account to your Nexus365 account, you will need to click on Use a different account. You will then need to click on Sign in when prompted.

screen

You will then be prompted to Activate Office and asked for the email address associated with the Office subscription. This will be your Single Sign On plus @OX.AC.UK (making sure it is capitalised). No password is required. This will redirect you to the University of Oxford Webauth login screen.

Then follow the steps 9-12 in Activate/Reactivate to completion.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 18 June 2019