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What is Groups?

Groups lets you choose a set of people who you want to collaborate with (your Group), then easily set up a collection of resources for those people to share. These resources could include a shared calendar or a document library for collaborating on files. When you add people to a Group, they are automatically assigned permissions for the tools and resources in that Group.

Groups can be public (accessible to anyone in the University) or private (accessible only to Group members). Most Groups at the University will be private, but it is possible to set up a public group if needed (for example, Women in IT).

Why use Groups?

When you create a Group, all members of the Group automatically get access to shared working space in various Nexus365 apps. For example:

  •     Teams: Your Group uses Teams to chat, share files or hold meetings.
  •     Outlook: Access a Group calendar.
  •     Planner: Assign tasks to Group members and manage your schedules.

Further information

Teams and Groups FAQs


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 28 May 2019