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Which OneDrive?

There are several different versions of OneDrive available to you at the University.

Only two of these meet University security guidance: Nexus365 OneDrive for Business and SharePoint OneDrive. This comparison chart provides a quick guide to the differences between them.

Do not use personal versions of OneDrive (OneDrive Personal or OneDrive for Business Through Kivuto) because these breach University security guidance. (The same applies to other file sync and share services such as DropBox and Box personal accounts.)


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Nexus365 OneDrive for Business

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SharePoint OneDrive (on Premise)

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OneDrive Personal


Does it comply with University security requirements? Yes Yes No
Storage Up to 5TB 2GB 5GB
Data location UK datacentre(s) On University premises Worldwide
Authentication (how to log in) Single sign on (SSO) SSO (internal University card holders only) Personal Microsoft account
File sharing Anyone (internal or external to the University) Internal University card holders only Anyone
Support IT Services /Local IT Support Staff IT Services /Local IT Support Staff Microsoft
Data access/ Account expiry Access is in line with your card status. See Finishing IT Use - Nexus365 Account Account expires as soon as you leave the University.
IT back up access for further 60 days.
Perpetual unless account removed by owner.
Key advantages Integrated part of University Office365.
Supported by the University
On-premise, suitable for any University data.
Allows you to use SharePoint libraries and lists within your OneDrive space (such as shared calendars, custom lists etc).
As this is tied to your personal account, the space stays with you as long as your account stays active.
Disadvantages Not suitable for data that is required to be stored on premise.
Individuals are responsible for moving their data they want to keep out before they leave.
Small (2GB) storage space.
No file sharing with external users.
Individuals are responsible for moving their data they want to keep out before they leave.
No University support.
Not to be used for University business.
Can share content anonymously but not necessarily securely.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 26 February 2020