Passwords and PINs

How can I reset my voicemail password?
Go to
Do I need a password for the Chorus web portal?
The Chorus web portal is accessed with your SSO (Webauth) password.  To change it, please access the Webauth change password page.

Desk phone

Why do I get the message 'you have entered a restricted code' ?
Your dialling permissions are too restrictive - please contact your telephone administrator to get this changed.  Please consult the list of telephone administrators if you do not know who to contact.
You can have: National, Mobile, International and Premium, each level building on the previous permission.


How does Chorus deal with call waiting - i.e. I receive a call when I am already in one?
By default, you can only receive one call.  However, you can have a second call waiting on a desk phone but this needs to be requested from
Will the phone system be unavailable in the event of a network outage?
Chorus phones run over the data network and are also powered by the same network.  In the event of a network or power outage, Chorus phones will not be available.  See also Critical Lines
How do I change the time before the screen goes into standby on at 55G?
Click on Services, User, enter the user password 123456, Phone, Energy Saving.  This is set to 1 minute by default.
How do I answer someone else's extension from my phone (the equivalent of **3)
You can still dial **3 to pickup calls on your phone, or use the button on the screen.  However, you must have a pickup group configured to use this, please email to have this set up.  Please include details of the extensions you wish included in the pickup group.
My last name has changed and is incorrect when I make a call, how do I change this?
The source of the information that is displayed on the phone comes from the University's Core User Database (CUD).  The Chorus team cannot update this information manually.  Changes need to be made via your local HR contact.  Once the change is made, the information will filter through to the phone display.
An incoming call to my phone shows up in my call log from the previous person in that role.  How do I change this?

The previous person’s details may be stored in your call log, producing the incorrect Caller ID; to rectify this:

On 35G (standard model phone)

When the phone is on hook, press the messages button and use the middle arrow buttons to scroll to the call log - delete the relevant entry

On 55G

Press the ‘Call log’ button repeatedly until the screen shows ‘Received Calls’ - delete the relevant entry


Chorus Web Portal

What is the Chorus Web Portal ?
The Chorus Web Portal ( allows you to access the following:
  • Call history
  • Directory and contacts
  • Voicemail (voicemails displayed in a list with caller details where known)
  • Teleconferencing
  • Chat
  • Preferred devices
How do I access the Chorus Web Portal?
The web portal can be found here:
What does the 'Auto-pilot' preferred device setting do in the Chorus Web Client?
Auto-pilot will call your softphone, OSMO (iOS or Android) on wifi and your deskphone only.  You will only see Auto-pilot in your list of preferred devices if you have set up an OSMO (iOS or Android) client.

We do not recommend using auto-pilot as functionality is currently limited.

I'm getting an error message 'Universal Failure'.  What should I do?
In the web portal you will usually see this error if you try to make a call from a preferred device which does not exist.
Why do I have a missed call in my call history with the voicemail symbol but not a corresponding voicemail message?
Voice mail history screen  voice mail screen

There will be a voicemail icon under the Missed call in Call history because the call reached the voicemail part of the system. 

The system detects noise/voice so if the message is silent, no corresponding voicemail will be in the voicemail list.

If a voicemail is recorded and the caller hang ups before pressing #, there will be a voicemail left as the system has detected their voice (the same as if the caller records a message then presses #).

Contacts and directory

Why do I have more than one entry in the Chorus directory?
If you have only just been moved to Chorus, you may appear twice before you start using the system. This issue should resolve when you start making calls. If this is not the case, please report it to the Service Desk as a fault.


How do I set up voicemail messages?
Visit this page for a guide: Record a new personal greeting.
How do I access voicemail on the old voicemail system?
If you have messages on the old voicemail system that you wish to listen to, dial 82991 and enter your pin as before. If you are using a different extension number, dial 82995.  Please find further instructions on the old voicemail system here.


Does the instant messaging service of Chorus integrate with other IM services, such as Skype or Jabber?
No. Instant messaging requires both users to have a Chorus account.
Can I send instant messages to external clients?
No, this is not currently supported by Chorus.

Preferred devices

Why have I got workphone and a my extension with a one listed in my preferred devices?
By default, accounts are set up to support both a deskphone and a softphone as a preferred device. The deskphone is called 'Work phone', and the softphone is your full telephone number with an additional '1' suffix. If you do not use a softphone, you just need to make sure that your preferred device is set to 'Work phone' when using the web portal to make calls.


How do I set up a conference call with a meeting room?
See Initiating a conference from a meeting room in the teleconferencing guide
How many people can I have in a conference call at once?
There is a limit of 200 participants in a single conference.

Web collaboration

Why does my shared screen not show correctly?
If you have two screens, you can choose which one is shared on a web collaboration. For more information, see Sharing your screen when you have two screens.

Soft phone troubleshooting - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Do I need a USB headset or handset when using Chorus with a laptop or desktop computer?
You need a way to send and receive audio when using the Chorus soft phone; for most people this will be through a USB headset or handset, but you could also use a built-in microphone and speakers or headphones. Please consult the Chorus device guide for more information.
How can I confirm that I am connected to Chorus?
  • On Windows - Look in the bottom right hand corner of the OpenScape client.  If you see this icon: SIP connected icon you are connected.  If you see this icon:SIP not connected icon there is an issue with your Openscape Desktop Software and you should consult the troubleshooting steps below.
  • On OS X or Linux - the Chorus client should display your status as online. e.g. OS X below:

Online status

My software is not connected to Chorus.  What should I do?
Try the following steps in this order, checking to see if the issue is resolved after each step:
  • Make sure you have a headset, handset or other microphone connected to your computer.
  • Make sure you are only logged in on one computer, i.e. don't connect on both Windows and OS X at the same time.
  • Exit and restart your Chorus software:
    • Windows - right-click the OpenScape icon and choose 'Exit'.
    • OS X or Linux - quit the Chorus app.
  • Reset your Chorus password: Go to

If none of the above steps solve your problem, take a screenshot of the error message  - right mouse click on the OpenScape icon near the clock:Openscape icon Choose 'Errors and Warnings' to show the precise error message and email this to with 'Chorus' in the subject line.

I'm getting an error message 'Universal Failure'. What should I do?
Follow the steps in the 'My software is not connected to Chorus' question above.
I'm getting a 'Windows Security Warning' pop up. What should I do?
Can other clients can be used with Chorus?
The Chorus team supports the official OpenScape for Windows, and custom Chorus Mac and Linux clients. Other SIP clients will not be supported by the IT Services Helpdesk.
Why does my client stop working overnight?
If I leave the Windows client running overnight, in the morning I will see the Webauth page ready for me to login.  If I do so, I get the error message 'Error - you took to long to log in'.

This is because the Windows client is a webauth protected service and webauth will log you out after 10 hours, and allows you five minutes to log in.

Please see here: for more information about the Oxford username and webauth. To avoid this error, close the web embedded client each evening or restart it in the morning. You can do this by right mouse clicking on the OpenScape item in the system tray and choosing Exit Openscape.

Exit openscape menu item

Will Chorus work over wireless internet connections, such as Eduroam and OWL?
Your ability to use Chorus on a wireless network is dependent on the quality of your connection, and this depends on various factors such as your location and proximity to wireless access points. We are supporting Chorus over wireless connections on a “best efforts” basis: for best results, you should access Chorus on a computer with a wired network connection.

OSMO for smartphone (iOS, Android)

If I use the OpenScape mobile client to make or receive calls, are there any circumstances in which I will see charges on my mobile phone bill?
Not usually.  However, if you pay for data, then you will see charges as the connections to the client will use data. 
If you are using the Openscape mobile client overseas and you are using Mobile phone (cellular) to receive calls and you are charged for inbound calls to your mobile phone, you will be charged when the client calls your mobile.

Hold music

I don't like the hold music, what should I do?
It is only possible to have one call waiting tone for the whole University. Following complaints that the default call wait tone was inappropriate we replaced the jaunty jingle with the current call wait tone. The current hoopoe call had been used previously on the old Telecoms systems satisfactorily for some years.
Given the diversity of internal and external users, and the constraints of licensing and system, it is unlikely that we will be able to provide something to meet all tastes. A decision was made to use the hoopoe call as a nature sound is preferable to poorly rendered music of any genre.