I need to purchase new phones - which ones should I consider?
You should purchase phones listed on the Supported Devices page as they are the only ones supported.
What happens to leavers?
Leavers will automatically be removed from the system after their account expires. If you need their number to be reused before this happens, you can edit the user in Phoneman
What do I do when someone moves department?
It depends whether you are happy for them to take their number with them. If you do, then the billing will need to be changed.  You can request this via this service request.  The adminstrator of the unit taking over the extension will need to request the number using the same sevice request.   If you don't, they will need to be given a different number, which can be edited in Phoneman.
What do I do if I have a new starter?
If the starter is using a new number, you can set them up in Phoneman.  If they are reusing a number used by another user, edit the number in Phoneman.
How do I request new extensions, or remove existing extensions from my billing?
Please submit a service request.
What if I need to make calls in the event of a network or power outage?
You can only make or receive calls on critical or analogue lines in the event of network or power outages. Please see here for further information on critical and analogue lines.  You can install a dedicated BT line for critical services where required.  Please email the Chorus team for further advice.
What kind of accounts are available on Chorus?
Full Chorus accounts are associated with personal SSO accounts (not cardholder or Virtual Access accounts) and have all the Chorus functionality: UC, softphones, voicemail, conferencing, web collaboration.  If this is not available, then a 'non-person' phone with voice only is the alternative, with the optional addition of a voicemail box.
Can you have two phones ringing/dialling on the same extension?
Yes - although the phone deployed 2nd will display an RA2 error, which you can fix in phoneman. Both phones will ring at once - it isn't possible to have a time delay between both numbers ringing.
Where can I find out about billing and charges for Chorus services?
Please see the Chorus billing pages.
Is it possible to report on call history and phone usage for individuals and departments?
Yes. Please submit Chorus Call Reporting Service Request.
How do I report a fault?
Faults can be reported by calling the IT Service Desk on 01865 612345, or by emailing the Chorus team. Please provide the faulty extension, any error codes which appear on your phone's screen, and the nature of the fault.