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Phoneman is a web interface for managing your phone extensions, Chorus users and accounts, and group working.   You can connect to Phoneman by using your SSO credentials, and instructions for using phoneman can be found here.


You can add, move, or remove extensions from your phoneman allocation by filling in the Chorus Phoneman Extension Amendments service request, which can be found on the OSM self-service portal.  Adding extensions incurs an upfront cost and ongoing rental, details of which can be found on the Chorus billing pages.  Deleting extensions incurs no cost, but please bear in mind that reinstating exensions is treated the same as adding new extensions.  

Moving extensions between Colleges and Departments (Business Units) is also possible, but requires authorisation from both parties, as there is a cost implication to both.  The Business Unit requesting a transfer of an extension will have to supply either a new extension (£200), or one of their own spare extensions to the Business Unit losing an extension.  This process can be managed as follows:

  • Search for the extension on Phoneman.  This should show you which Business Unit the extension is currently billed to.
  • Look up the Phoneman coordinator for the identified Business Unit on the list of Phoneman Administrators.
  • Contact the administrators to ask if they are willing to release the extension.
  • If the Business Unit is prepared to release the extension, please complete the Chorus Phoneman Extension Amendments service request.


To request a new Phoneman administrator, please complete the Chorus Access to Phoneman service request.

Phoneman FAQ

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 July 2019