Office add-ins

A number of Office add-ins that were previously enabled in Word, Excel or PowerPoint when signed in with a Nexus365 account, are being turned off.

The following add-ins will be turned off on 30 August 2023.  If these are still required, you can install the add-ins from the Microsoft Store.


Add-in Office application
RefWorks Citation Manager Word
SmartCite for Papers Word
Mendeley Cite Word
MathType Word, PowerPoint
Iplicit Excel


Documents that you have been working on will pick up where you left off once you install and sign in to the Office add-in.

Install Add-ins from the Office Store

  1. In the add-in's Office application, go to File > Account and confirm that your University account details are displayed under User Information
  2. Select Insert > Get Add-ins
  3. Perform a search for the add-in
  4. Select the add-in, then Add
  5. Agree to the terms and Conditions, then select Continue

The add-in will appear in either the Home tab or its own location.

You can check your Office application's installed add-ins by selecting Insert > My Add-ins

If local restrictions prevent either access to the Microsoft store or the installation of the Office add-in, contact your local IT support staff.

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