Power BI PRO licence holder: getting started

To help you make best use of Power BI as a PRO  licence holder, please review the information below

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  • To create a shared workspace in Power BI click on ‘Workspaces’ in the menu and then on ‘Create Workspace’.  This workspace will not be assigned to premium capacity 
  • You can make other Power BI PRO license holders members of your shared workspace so that you can collaborate on datasets, reports and dashboards
  • Note: It is recommended that each workspace has a minimum of two administrators for cover purposes
  • You cannot share workspace content with non-PRO license holders unless the workspace is assigned to premium capacity 
  • To request a premium capacity workspace or move an existing shared workspace onto premium capacity you need to submit a Power BI Workspace service request LINK
  • We recommend that you work with a Test workspace (outside premium capacity) for drafting your reports and dashboards etcetera and consulting with colleagues before publishing your content to a Production workspace (on premium capacity) for wider information sharing  

Follow this naming convention: 

  • Prefix (defaulted to Department or Faculty)
  • Subject area
  • Suffix (for example, Test or Prod) 
    • this field is optional 
    • recommended only where you are using a Test workspace and a Production workspace  
  • Before creating reports, you should first establish what datasets are available to you in order to avoid having duplicate versions which could get out of sync
  • When creating a new dataset, you will need to decide whether its refresh is manual or automated
  • We recommend that you store report scripts in a shared area with version control so that you can revert to an earlier version if required  
  • A considerable amount of central administrative data is already stored in a central data warehouse
  • To access any of this data for your reports or to add data to the data warehouse, contact the Data Reporting Architecture and Modelling (DRAM) team via BI-reporting@it.ox.ac.uk 
  • You can only share datasets, reports and dashboards with others at the University who don’t have a PRO licence from a workspace that is assigned to premium capacity
  • To request a premium capacity workspace or move an existing shared workspace onto premium capacity you need to submit a Power BI Workspace service request LINK
  • Once the workspace is assigned to the premium capacity, we recommend that you create an app LINK and then share or publish your information via a Group.  Using an App means that you can work on the draft report or dashboard directly in the workspace before publishing by updating the app
  • To request a group, submit a Create Nexus365 Team or Group service request LINK, selecting the “Group only” option
  • You can manage the members of the group (consumers of your datasets, reports or dashboards) within MS Outlook, using the Groups, Manage Groups menu option
  • Note: when a colleague is added to a group, they will receive an automated welcome email generated by Microsoft.  This does not state that the group is set up for using Power BI, so may cause confusion.  Therefore, we recommend that you consider sending a personal email to each group member at time you add them


  • It is possible to 'Publish to Web' from Power BI but you should only consider this if you are compliant with the University’s Data Protection and Information Security policies LINKS
  • It is possible to Publish to Web from both shared and premium capacity workspaces
  • To be able to ‘Publish to web’ you need to submit a Power BI Permission to Publish to Web service request LINK to obtain permission
  • Once you have permission, you can publish the link to any reports created within your workspace
    Note: the link will always open the latest version of the report, not a snapshot at the time of creating the link

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