Project (non-personal) accounts

A Project Account is a non-personal Nexus365 account which is accessible to more than one Nexus365 user. For example, there may be several people who need to send emails from a common email address such as or; or you might have a shared calendar for group events. This section explains how to set up the permissions on such an account if you are the account owner, and how to access a Project Account.

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These instructions assume that you have already set up Outlook to access your personal Nexus365 account. If you are not using Outlook for a personal account, then you can skip the section about creating an additional profile.

  1. Before you begin, you need to ensure that the account is listed in the Nexus Global Address List. To do this, open the Outlook Address Book, and then find the project account by name. If your account is not listed, please contact the Service Desk. You will also need to know the username and Single Sign-On password of the account
  2. In order to grant appropriate permissions to the Nexus365 users who are entitled to access the account, you will need to log in to Nexus365 as the Project Account. If you are already using Outlook to connect to your personal account, you will need to create a new Outlook Profile to access the Project account
  3. Follow the instructions about adding a new profile to create a new Outlook profile. At the end of these instructions you will be directed to the instructions for setting up your Nexus365 account. Please follow these too but remember to use the Project Account's username and password instead of your personal one. When Outlook prompts you to log in, it will remember your personal username so you will need to manually change this
  4. You should now have Outlook running, connected to the Project Account. You can now set permissions for other users (including yourself), by adding Delegates and/or sharing folders. Please see the guidelines for delegating access for further details. Please note that changes to delegates' permissions can take up to half an hour to become active on the server
  5. Once you have finished adding delegates and modifying permissions, you will probably want to reset your default profile so that Outlook automatically logs into your personal account
  6. If you want to access the Project Account again, you can return to the Profiles screen and re-enable prompting

If you are entitled to access a Project Account, there are several options available depending on the permissions that the account owner has granted you.

If you have more than one project account you will probably want to access all project accounts from your main account. If so, please see the Microsoft article outlining how to do this: How to open and use a shared mailbox in Outlook

For information about other Nexus365 features and how to use them with Outlook, please find your version of Outlook in our Getting Started page.


If you have any problems using Nexus365 with Outlook, in the first instance you should contact your local (College or Department) IT staff. If they cannot help then please contact the Service Desk for further assistance.

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