How to donate or recycle personal IT equipment

Note: this page is for personal IT equipment only

If you are looking to dispose of University-owned equipment then please check how to dispose end-of-life University IT equipment safely and responsibly instead.



  1. Email with a list of the equipment for collection (minimum of 20 desktops/laptops), the full address for the collection site, and contact details for someone who will organise the collection from the University side

  2. Agree a collection date with Tier1 who manage logistics and data wiping for Computer Aid. Courier details and an estimated collection time will be sent at least 24 hours in advance
  3. Facilitate collection in line with the process described in the Computer Aid & Tier 1 secure logistics and transportation document
  4. Receive and check the data destruction certificate and test audit report confirming that all of the equipment has been processed adequately

Further Information

Computer Aid can process a wide range of IT equipment including: desktops, laptops, flat panel displays, printers and network switches. The following points apply to the process:

  • Equipment will be scanned at collection, and again at the warehouse before processing
  • Processing includes physical cleaning and removing any labels or stickers with University of Oxford identifiers
  • The hard drive will be securely erased where possible, and shredded to 11mm otherwise
  • Equipment that cannot be reused will be recycled through social value initiatives
  • Any collection or processing costs that cannot be absorbed by Computer Aid will be communicated prior to a collection being agreed

Before donating an item, you must ensure that:

  • The University owns the equipment outright and is permitted to donate it without charge or encumbrance (no restrictions from the equipment manufacturer, donor, collaborator or any other potential breach of third party rights)
  • There are no particular risks in relation to donation of the equipment, such as health and safety concerns or risk of contamination from lab use
  • The donation complies with all relevant University policies, including the Gifts and Hospitality Policy, the Policy on Conflict of Interest, and the Financial Regulations (including any requirements to update the applicable equipment, stock and/or gifts register/inventory)
  • Neither the donated equipment nor the recipients of the donations give rise to any national security concerns in the UK