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Training Material

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PowerPoint presentation on Replay Lecture Capture
This is a PowerPoint presentation recording using the Replay Lecture Capture software showing off its functionality and capabilities.
Understanding more about WebLearn
The WebLearn Guidance site provides step-by-step guides and helpful videos about using WebLearn.
WebLearn blog and upcoming news
The WebLearn blog provides all the latest news about WebLearn and future plans for the service.
Replay Lecture Capture blog and upcoming news
The Replay blog describes the recording software and how it used across the University.
Podcast team for large events or special filming
More information about the services of the filming and podcast team, including special events, live streaming and all aspects of AV production.

'How To' Help Videos.

Please click on the video links below to understand the following tasks.

How To Login to the Replay Lecture Capture Recorder:
How To Watch a Recording:
How To Create a Manual Recording:
How To Create a Scheduled Recording:
How To Edit a Recording:
How To Export a Recording:
How To Build a Session:
Service area: 

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