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The Replay team offers free training and workshops at IT Services on Banbury Road to departments and individuals wishing to enhance their skills using the lecture capture service.

The Introduction to Replay session is designed for beginners and offers a broad overview of the service, for departments interested in using Replay for the future. The Replay Workshop sessions are designed for existing Replay users and offer in-depth analysis of various features.

Booking links will be available in due course.

Course Course Description Level Date
Introduction to Replay Lecture Capture For departments interested in using Replay Lecture Capture. This gives a basic overview of the Replay service showing the interface and the basic functionality of the software. Beginner


Replay Workshop

This regular informal workshop is intended for existing Replay users who are already familiar with the interface and basics of lecture capture.

Potential topics include:

* Setting up a WebLearn site for Replay
* Scheduling a recording using the remote recorder
* Using the live webcast functionality
* Enabling the audio search functionality for your folders
* Utilising the automated captioning functionality
* Uploading an audio or video file and manually synchronising PowerPoint slides
* Advanced editing techniques including copy/split/merge
* Optimising and configuring MP4 outputs
* Adding quizzes to Panopto recordings
Not all topics can be covered during the 90-minute session, so if there is something specific you’d like to us to focus on (or if you want to suggest a topic not listed here), please e-mail in advance.
Intermediate 19/02/2020
QuickVideo Workshop

This one hour session will give you a quick overview and demonstration of Panopto software within the specific context of creating training videos and videos for online learning. This system has been used around the University and is particularly suitable for creating large amounts of short professional  videos for online courses, for VLE work or for training material.

To help staff members who may be new to this area, a studio-based mobile unit containing all the necessary AV technology, such as cameras and microphones, has been installed in the Media Production studio at IT Services, 13 Banbury Road. The device has been branded ‘QuickVideo’. Recording videos is easy - just bring a set of PowerPoint slides. The presenter can either appear alongside the PowerPoint or be overlayed/chromakeyed into the video in ‘weather presenter’ mode. This style of videos is familiar from online courses (MOOCs) or Molly (LinkedIn Learning) but it can be used to record videos for any purpose including online courses, student support, staff training, promotion, projects reports, etc.

It is expected that you are already familiar with the Panopto software.

  • What is the QuickVideo
  • What kinds of videos can be made
  • Examples from around the University 
  • How to prepare materials to use with Panopto and QuickVideo
  • Overview of the key features and how to use them



If you are looking for other guides to help you get setup with Replay please click on the Training Material section to watch our how-to videos. Alternatively, if you are having issues or problems recording please refer to the Troubleshooting section which lays out existing error messages. If your issues are not solved through this please email for further assistance.

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