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Email Security - Migration


This page provides information about, and the schedule for, the migration of the MX record for domains and sub-domains from the Oxford Mail Relay Service (OxMail) to Hosted Email Security as part of the Nexus 365 project we are implementing additional email security tools. This will provide greater protection against email-borne threats and malware across the collegiate-University, and minimize the likelihood of related information security incidents. We will be implementing an email gateway filtering tool for all email addresses in your email domain. The features of this tool are articulated in the email security policy.

Note that his has been trialed within IT Services and some early adopters. Some results of the pilot are published on the Information Security Web site. The first article also gives gives an overview of the architecture. The slides and key links from the combined email and endpoint security briefing are are available online, too.


The implementation of the Hosted Email Security solution is a simple three step process requiring most IT Support Staff only to do some simple checks. This should be a transparent change to you and your users:

  1. Email Security Project has sent responsible ITSS an email with the migration date for each mail domain (
  2. Please read the message, do the checks explained in the message and 
contact us if there are any questions or concerns.
    • If you run your own authoritative DNS Server: Please reduce the TTL for your MX record to 300 seconds prior to the migration (this is to enable quickly reverting things if necessary). Once the migration has completed you will need to update your MX record to point to the new email gateways.
    • If you run your own email service which routes email independently of the Oxmails, either ensure it uses as its smart host or that the mail server has an SMTP exemption PRIOR to the migration.
  3. Email Security Project will transfer your MX record 
from Oxford Mail Relay Service (OxMail) to Hosted Email Security 
and confirms completion of the migration.

We will the monitor the logs on new gateway. If we need to revert the change, then this can be done in around 10 minutes by undoing the last DNS change.


Date Domain
18/07/2018 IT Services

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 November 2018