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Gl More/Less

An interactive Site Manager template for presenting/hiding content items. A block of text can be expanded or hidden using the 'More' or 'Less' links respectively.

GL More/Less - Overlay gallery

Very similar to the 'Gl More/Less' Site Manager template but it permits more characters in the text fields and allows a photo gallery of up to five images inside the expandable content. Images display as thumbnails and expand to a full-size when clicked.

Gl News + RSS Feeds

an on-demand, Site Manager template used to display News articles. Items can be aggrgated into latest news pages/lists.

Gl Page Callout

Site Manager template used to insert featured quotations into a webpage.

Gl Page Content Main

This is the main Site Manager template used for each section, and must always be used for the main page heading. This template inserts the page heading, introduction, image and body of content, additional templates can then be added later to the page.

Gl Photo & Gl Photo Gallery

The ‘Gl Photo’ and ‘Gl Photo Gallery’ Site Manager templates are used to add a next/previous light box pop-up gallery of images to a webpage.

Gl Policy Documents

Site Manager template used for the consistent layout of policy circulars/memos.

Gl QuickLinks Menu

Site Manager template used to add a drop-down menu of links to the left (secondary_content) or right (tertiary_content) sidebar

Gl Slideshow

Site Manager template used to add a slideshow of images (which have previously been uploaded to SlideShowPro) to a page

Gl Table of Contents 1 - Children

This Site Manager template provides a list of links to pages which are the children of the page you are currently viewing in the site hierarchy.