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Gl Table of Contents 1 - Children

This Site Manager template provides a list of links to pages which are the children of the page you are currently viewing in the site hierarchy.

Gl Table of Contents 2 – Sibling

This Site Manager template plays the same role as ‘children’, however will show pages at the same level as the page currently being viewed.

Gl Table of Contents 3 – In-page

This Site Manager template automatically picks up the headings from added ‘Gl Further Content’ and ‘Gl FAQ’ content items, providing links at the top of the page that will take you directly to the content you wish to view.

Gl Twitter Follow Button

This Site Manager template is designed to add a twitter ‘Follow’ button to a page, which allows users to easily follow your Twitter account. It can be used anywhere, but it is recommended that it be used in tertiary_content.

Gl Twitter Timeline

a Site Manager template used to embed a Twitter timeline using Twitter's API