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Site Manager editing and deleting content FAQs

What do the various content and section statuses mean?


Status Explanation
 Approved This section and any approved content items will be published the next time publish runs.  A section won’t be published if there are no approved content items within it.  Sections that have their status set as approved but don't contain any content items will be published as blank pages.
 Pending This section won’t be published.   If the section has been approved in the past, the section and any children will remain in the last published state on the live site.
 Inactive These sections are marked as deleted and will no longer be published and are removed from navigation.  The Web Team (Administrators) can purge these from SiteManager but removal of these pages from the live server requires deletion by the web CMS team.
 Archive Sections that are marked as “archived” will no longer be published but continue to appear in the site as they are still active content. This also applies to children of archived sections.  Marking a section as archived is useful when you no longer to need to edit content within that section such as an old newsletter or minutes of a meeting held in 2001.  Marking such sections as archived helps reduce the amount of time needed to publish the site.


Status Explanation

This content has a major version number (e.g. 3.0). This is the content (or following the completion of the next publish/transfer cycle will be) displayed on the live server.


This content has a minor version number (e.g. 3.1). This content requires approval before it will published to the live server.  If a workflow is applied to the section that contains the content item when the item was saved as pending the workflow will be started.

The last published major version will be the content displayed on the website.  A major version of 0 means this content has never been approved and so has never been published to the live site.


This content has a draft version number (e.g. 3.1.1).  This content item is still being worked on and as a result the author didn’t wish to send the item for approval.

The last published major version will be the content displayed on the website.  A major version of 0 means this content has never been approved and so has never been published to the live site.


These content items are marked as “deleted” and will be removed from the page on the website at the next publish.

Can you mirror / move / duplicate more than one content item at a time?

Yes.  Select the content items you want to mirror/move/duplicate using the check boxes to the left of each item. This disables the individual menus and enables the bulk operations menu, as shown below.


Clicking this yellow arrow displays the bulk options menu.


From here the process is the same as for individual content items.

If I duplicate a section branch, can I then edit the duplicate and change the links without changes appearing on the live site?

When a section is duplicated all of the content within it is set to version 0.1 but retains the approval status of the original.  So this means that a content item with a version number of 0.1 (normally indicating pending) may  actually be approved.  As a consequence content will be published, during the next publish and transfer. Only the last saved version of the content item is copied. The following table shows what will happen with various content status.

Original version Original status What is copied Duplicated version number Duplicated status
1.0 Approved The approved content 0.1 Approved
1.1 Pending The content in the minor version 0.1 Pending
2.1.1 Draft The content is the draft version 0.1 Draft

In order to avoid approved content from being published when it is duplicated, the status of the destination section should be set to pending (in the General tab of the section, shown below) which will prevent it and its content from being published.


If I delete a media item will I be warned if it is linked to the live site?

When deleting a media item a list is displayed of all content items that make use of the media item being deleted.  These contents items may not be approved.  This list may take a few seconds to load.

[[Insert image ]]

Although an option to edit the content is presented here selecting it will take you away from the delete media page. To make best use of this it is recommended to right click on the edit button and select “Open Link in New Tab” from the menu that appears.

Do media modifications and deletions require approval?

No.  Though any content items that are edited as part of the removal process will require approval where appropriate

What is the difference between "child" and "sibling" in the site structure?

A child is defined as a section at the level below the current section in the structure.  These are shown by clicking the + sign next to the section name in the hierarchy.  A sibling is a section that is at the same level as the current section in the structure.  This is the same concept as a family tree.

If I don’t show a section in the navigation will it show in a TOC (Table of Contents)?

No.  The TOC (Table of Contents) “Content templates” make use of SiteManager Navigational Objects which obey rules such as whether or not an item should display in the navigation.

If I move a section to a new location will existing links to it break?

No.  Links to the moved section and any links to content within it are maintained.

What do I need to do if I receive a warning when deleting a content item that has links to other active sections?

This very much depends on the situation. E.g. Were you expecting it or do you need to check with your line manager?

The warning is to alert you that other people think the page is valuable and so have linked to it.  Therefore it would be best practice and courteous to consult the owners of the linking pages.  By doing these checks before deletion you will ensure the content on the website retains integrity.

When I change the ordering of content items or sub-sections do I need to save my changes?

Yes, this must be done otherwise they will be lost.

What does the message “The source or destination has different access restriction applied” mean?

You are duplicating/move/mirroring a piece of content or section to an oxonly section from a non-oxonly section or vice versa.

 This warning is mainly to alert you to the risk of inadvertently making a restricted piece of content public.

Why do ‘bulk mirror’ content items not always appear in the same order in the section they have been mirrored to?

The ordering of content items is dependent on the section the item is in.  So if the source section isn’t using automatic ordering and the destination is, the mirrored items will be automatically ordered.

What happens to the history of content items when they are moved, mirrored or duplicated?

There are three ways of “moving” content in SiteManager. These all do different things and as a result behave differently in the context of the question above.


The history of the content is retained as the content item has a two-way link to the original and is identical to it.


The history of the content is retained as the item hasn’t changed and was simply moved in its entirety to its new location.


The history of this content item is “lost”.  This is because when duplicating a new item is created and its only history was that it was created.

(a) What is the difference between an internal link and an external URL? (b) What happens if I link a section within our site with an external URL?

a) As their names imply, the main (intended) difference is that an internal link points to a location on the same website as the link is on (e.g. Whereas an external link is used to point users to another website (e.g.  Additionally when an internal link is created using SiteManger, it “manages” the links and should the destination move from one section to another SiteManger will automatically update links to it the next time the site is published.  This ensures that internal links remain unbroken in the event of section moves.

b) If an external URL is used to link to an internal section on the current website the “management” of this link cannot take place. This makes it harder to maintain links when sections are moved.

Why do some images appear cropped in preview when they display correctly in the WYSIWYG in SiteManager ?

The most likely cause of this is that the image added to the editor in SiteManager is too wide for the Style chosen for that page. 

The three main styles and the widths of their columns are summarised below with maximum image width in brackets

Style Primary width Secondary width Tertiary width
Ad One Column 940px (935px) N/A N/A
Ad Two Column 700px (695px) 220px  N/A
Ad Three Column 470px (465px) 220px (215px) 220px (215px)

Please note that there are specific dimensions specified for banner, main section and side column images in the Web Content Style Guide (1,898kb)

I have added a thumbnail image next to a line of text, the text is not showing in preview, is there a workaround for this?

Yes. It is work around number 4 in the Site Manager workarounds (64kb) document

What is transfer now?

On Tuesday 3 December the Transfer Now functionality was deployed which the UAS Web Service team have developed for Site Manager.  

What is Transfer Now?

This enhancement means that use of the 'Publish Now' feature will now push content updates across to the live websites, without requiring manual intervention from the Web team. This will allow you to put urgent content changes live within a few minutes. 

NB Transfer Now is intended for urgent content updates to existing pages. Please carefully note that: 

  • If the page being updated is new and does not already exist on the live website, the update will need to wait for the full Publish, or you can contact the helpdesk to request a manual transfer to be done. This is the same if a Section is being renamed or having its output URI changed. 
  • If the page has newly added Media Library content added to it or linked from it as part of your update, you will need to contact the helpdesk for us to manually transfer the media items. It will not be possible to do this for large numbers of items.
  • Transfer Now does not copy across system changes such as Oxonly protection or 'Show in navigation', these will update at the next full Publish. 
  • Be aware that related content is not automatically updated as part of the 'Publish Now'. So if you update a tertiary_content item, you need to 'Publish Now' the main page in order to pick up the changes – running 'Publish Now' on the 'tertiary_content' section will not republish the parent page.
  • The way that changes are made to web applications will not alter as a result of this change – these will continue to be handled as they are currently.
  • If there is workflow on a Section, there is no 'Publish Now'  option within 'Modify Content' but it is still available when in the 'Modify Section' view.

The helpdesk can be contacted by phone on x80088 or by email: .


This feature is meant to be used occasionally, for time-critical updates only. Wide-scale use of the 'Publish Now' feature can adversely impact the running of Site Manager for everyone. Please keep this in mind when deciding when to use this feature.

Following a recent configuration optimisation, hourly scheduled publishes are currently typically running within 1 hour.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 26 September 2014