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Media items

If I delete a media item will I be warned if it is linked to the live site?

When deleting a media item a list is displayed of all content items that make use of the media item being deleted.  These contents items may not be approved.  This list may take a few seconds to load.

[[Insert image ]]

Although an option to edit the content is presented here selecting it will take you away from the delete media page. To make best use of this it is recommended to right click on the edit button and select “Open Link in New Tab” from the menu that appears.

Do media modifications and deletions require approval?

No.  Though any content items that are edited as part of the removal process will require approval where appropriate

Why do some images appear cropped in preview when they display correctly in the WYSIWYG in SiteManager ?

The most likely cause of this is that the image added to the editor in SiteManager is too wide for the Style chosen for that page. 

The three main styles and the widths of their columns are summarised below with maximum image width in brackets

Style Primary width Secondary width Tertiary width
Ad One Column 940px (935px) N/A N/A
Ad Two Column 700px (695px) 220px  N/A
Ad Three Column 470px (465px) 220px (215px) 220px (215px)

Please note that there are specific dimensions specified for banner, main section and side column images in the Web Content Style Guide

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