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Templates and their uses

If I don’t show a section in the navigation will it show in a TOC (Table of Contents)?

No.  The TOC (Table of Contents) “Content templates” make use of SiteManager Navigational Objects which obey rules such as whether or not an item should display in the navigation.

When creating a ‘Gl FAQ’ section do I need to enter each question into a separate template or enter all the questions into one template?

All of the questions need to be added into one template from the Template Guide
(5,491kb) :

Gl FAQ is an interactive show/hide template for presenting frequently asked questions, supporting the use of images in the answer field. Questions must be entered as Heading 3 elements, and all other content should be contained within a paragraph or list element. Images can remain outside paragraph tags.

Do I need to input the section names when creating an in-page ToC (Table of Contents)?

No.  As detailed inthe Template Guide
(5,491kb) :

After inserting ‘Gl Table of contents 3 - In-page’ it automatically picks up the headings from added ‘Gl Further Content’ and ‘Gl FAQ’ content items, providing links at the top of the page that will take you directly to the content you wish to view.

(a) What is the difference between an internal link and an external URL? (b) What happens if I link a section within our site with an external URL?

a) As their names imply, the main (intended) difference is that an internal link points to a location on the same website as the link is on (e.g. Whereas an external link is used to point users to another website (e.g.  Additionally when an internal link is created using SiteManger, it “manages” the links and should the destination move from one section to another SiteManger will automatically update links to it the next time the site is published.  This ensures that internal links remain unbroken in the event of section moves.

b) If an external URL is used to link to an internal section on the current website the “management” of this link cannot take place. This makes it harder to maintain links when sections are moved.

Why do some images appear cropped in preview when they display correctly in the WYSIWYG in SiteManager ?

The most likely cause of this is that the image added to the editor in SiteManager is too wide for the Style chosen for that page. 

The three main styles and the widths of their columns are summarised below with maximum image width in brackets

Style Primary width Secondary width Tertiary width
Ad One Column 940px (935px) N/A N/A
Ad Two Column 700px (695px) 220px  N/A
Ad Three Column 470px (465px) 220px (215px) 220px (215px)

Please note that there are specific dimensions specified for banner, main section and side column images in the Web Content Style Guide

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