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Site Manager Workarounds

Following the summer 2012 upgrade to v7.1, we are aware of some bugs in Site Manager when working with the content editor and Media Library. Fixes for these are included in future versions of Site Manager*, and we will be upgrading the software this term in order to bring in these fixes. In the meantime we would like to offer you some temporary solutions.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions about these workarounds, please do not hesitate to contact the Helpdesk at

* Items 2 and 4 are resolved in v7.2, items 1 and 3 is awaiting a future product update

Workaround list

Problem inserting media documents / PDFs from the Media Library

Description Links to media documents are sometimes broken on the live web site even though they work in preview
Cause The identity reference (id) of the media item is not being inserted into the link by TinyMCE, and sometimes other code required to display links correctly is missing.

New Solution

When editing a media link please remove the media item and any link text associated with it before adding a new item using the procedure below.

Before inserting a media item: Right click at the place you wish to insert the media item and if present in the pop-up menu select the “unlink“option. You will then be able to insert the media as normal.  This work around has so far proved reliable and doesn’t result in the “iterative” approach of the previous work around below.

Media history error / error while loading items from the Media Library

Description While inserting media items, Site Manager prompts with an error dialog box: ‘Media History not found’.
Cause User clicks the select button for a media item too quickly before the ‘Usage’ tab has loaded.
Solution Once clicked on a media item in the media library, wait for a few seconds and let the window fully load before clicking ‘Select’.

Error with image Alt Tag

Description The ‘alt’ attribute is not output with the image tag.

(nb. this attribute is not normally used, but is an accessibility feature used by screenreaders.) 

 Cause Alt text is taken from the Description information given when adding an image to the media library. The issue occurs only with variants of original images. If the image used on the webpage is a variant, than alt text is not output.
  1. Consider if using the original image is possible.
  2. Download the variant and upload it again as a new image, and use that one instead.

Problem inserting media document / PDF / text next to an image

Description When a media document, PDF or piece of text is added next to an image on the right-hand side, this is not output in preview or on the live website. In some cases, two images display but not the other content.
 Cause The TinyMCE editor adds an extra span tag around the code for the image and the other content is then incorrectly loaded within this tag. This creates invalid HTML which the browser cannot render.
  1. Place the cursor just before the text or media item and press ENTER to put this onto a new line. Then place the cursor immediately in front of the image and press BACKSPACE to move the image to the line above. Now press ENTER again to move the image back to the line below. (This will remove the redundant span tag.) Place the cursor in front of the text or media item and press BACKSPACE to bring it onto the same line as the image. Preview the page to confirm correct rendering and save this Update.
  2. Alternatively, if the above method proves difficult to apply, try inserting a table and add the image in one table cell and the media item / PDF / text in another. The table border will act as a separator preventing the content being loaded into the image span.

Problem inserting media document / PDF into a list

Description When adding media items to ordered and unordered list the HTML generated gets "broken" and the media items all end up being the same item.
Cause The TinyMCE editor adds the bullets inside the span tag that describes the first media item so when the content is saved all the media items become the same item.

To create a list of documents in a bulleted or numbered list put each document in a new paragraph (line) as with the existing advice.  Once done to add these documents to a bulleted or numbered list, highlight them, then click the required list button.

In order to edit a list you may need to remove the list formatting first so that each item is in paragraphs then follow the above procedure.  Please note that when list formatting is removed from a list the resulting lines of links are all in the same paragraph and will need seperating out by pressing the enter key at the beginning of each line.

Problem duplicating branches in FireFox

Description Problems are encounted when selecting sections from pop-up windows.  Typically this occurs when duplication branches.
Cause An update to Firefox which was releaseed in version 22 causes the section selection pop-up in SiteManager when using  FireFox22 and later.  

When popup window in FireFox doesn't respond as expecte e.g. when duplicating branches please use an alternative browser.  Both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome both behave as expected.

Please not that is advised in training that FireFox should be used as the preferreed browser.  This still holds true on a day to day basis as it performs better than Internet Explorer 8 currently installed on managed Univserity machines.  This advise maybe revisited once the project to unpdate MS Windows to version 7 is complete which is also expected to upgrade Internet Explorer as a side affect of the upgrade.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014