How to log in to SharePoint on-premise

Nexus SharePoint on-premise will reach its 'end of life' in April 2023, at which point the service will be switched off and only SharePoint Online will be available. 

If you use SharePoint on-premise from today, Monday 28th November 2022, the login page will look like the image below. Note that there will be no changes to the username format or password - these will remain the same (Oxford username + Single Sign-On password).

The SharePoint On-Premise Login Page

The SharePoint on-Premise Login Page

SharePoint on-premise NEW login screen

As SharePoint on-prem does not feature responsive HTML / CSS, the header image will be set at a fixed width (so will look best on desktop machines with a widescreen monitor). For more information about the closure of the service, please refer to the SharePoint home page at or the help pages at 

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