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SigmaPlot Concurrent Licence Server

1. Introduction

IT Services host a software licence server that provides access to concurrent licences for the SigmaPlot software for users from contributing departments or colleges. These web pages describe the details of the service.

A detailed service description is available.

The rental cost for this license is covered by cost recovery from SigmaPlot users. The concurrent SigmaPlot licenses are managed by a license server at IT Services. You must be able to connect to this server to use the license. License seats are issued by the license server on a first come first served basis. There are 100 concurrent licenses rented until 31st August 2016.

To reduce administration costs, SigmaPlot is distributed through and managed by SigmaPlot representatives in each department or college.

Full details of the license

2. SigmaPlot Representatives

Each department or college that uses the SigmaPlot concurrent licence server must nominate a primary, and, optionally, a secondary SigmaPlot representative. It is only through these representatives that departments and colleges and IT Services will liaise on matters relating to this service.

If your establishment does not have a SigmaPlot rep and you would like to use the concurrent SigmaPlot licence, email with "SigmaPlot" in the subject line for details of payment and how to access the server. After payment your name will be added to the web page listing all the reps and to the mailing list. Reps are responsible to all areas of your Department or College for SigmaPlot software distribution and first line support with regard to problems with the license. Most reps are IT support staff.

Use the same email address to request changes to existing information in the web pages or updates to the mailing list.

3. Support Services

IT Services do not provide any technical support on the use of SigmaPlot as an application. The support that IT Services provide relates to access to, and management of, the licence server, and this support is only available to members of staff who have been nominated as the SigmaPlot representative in departments and colleges that have registered to use the licence server.

For each department or college, primary application level support is the responsibility of the nominated SigmaPlot representative.

3.1. Discussion List

There is an open mailing list,, to which any SigmaPlot user can subscribe. See for details about the  mailing list system used by IT Services. 

The purpose of this list is to allow users to discuss SigmaPlot matters between themselves, perhaps resolving problems in the use of SigmaPlot. Please do not assume that IT Services will respond to discussions on this list. Matters relating to the SigmaPlot service should be directed initially to your SigmaPlot representative, who will raise them directly with IT Services if appropriate.

3.2. Administration List

There is a closed mailing list,, for the sole use of the SigmaPlot representatives and IT Services in order to communicate on matters relating to the administration of the licence server service. IT Services will use this list as the route to the community for all announcements relating to the service.

3.3. License Server Fault Reporting

Please report license server problems to

4. Software Distribution

The SigmaPlot software is distributed via the SigmaPlot representatives who have access to the necessary licence details.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 30 November 2017