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Software Card

1. Introduction

The IT Services Software Card is used to enable University Departments and Colleges (referred here as 'units') to purchase or register software licences through the IT Services Online Shop, subject to the relevant software agreements.

2. Obtaining a Software Card

In order to obtain a Software Card, a Unit must first register with the IT Services Registration Service using the Unit Site-Licensed Software Registration form which is available on request or can be downloaded: (MS Word Form) (PDF Form). The form must be signed by a senior member of staff: for a department, this should be the Administrator or the Head of Department; for a College, this should be the Bursar or the Head of House.

A paper copy of the signed form must be returned to IT Services at the address given on the form.

Once the form has been returned, this authorises the unit permanently for site licensed software and a Software Card number will be issued by IT Services. Additional numbers may be issued to the same unit if required for multiple purchasing centres. IT Services Registration records the card numbers and can assist if a number or card is mislaid. Older units will have actual Software Cards but all purchases are now via the online shop so physical cards are no longer issued when a new card number is needed.

The IT Services Software Card or number is usually held by the IT Support Officer or the person who regularly purchases software for the unit.

3. Use of the Software Card

Implicit in the use of an IT Services Software Card is acceptance of the relevant Usage Terms for each software product registered to a unit. In particular certain agreements require that software is removed from machines and the media destroyed or returned to IT Services when the agreement terminates.

The Software Card is used for the following:

  • to purchase software licences from IT Services - an official purchase order is needed for chargeable items. Use a departmental or college account within the IT Services Online Shop, quoting your Software Card number and the official order number. Please refer to How to Order from the IT Services Shop for further details.
  • to register software licences where there is no charge applicable - this can be done through the IT Services Online Shop or by email to, quoting your Software Card number.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 11 December 2017