Chorus softphones on Windows


This application is being phased out and will no longer be available from 5th July 2022

See Chorus - What to do when Unified Communications is retired for more information


Please visit the Chorus upgrade project website for further information.

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  1. Set an OpenScape password and Voicemail PIN using the Chorus OpenScape password reset page
  2. Install the OpenScape Desktop Client. Managed staff desktop users will find this on the Oxford Applications Installer. All other users can download and run the installation files from
  3. During installation you will be prompted to login for "UC configuration". Your UC Account is based on your SSO username in the format abcd1234-sip, and your UC Password is the OpenScape password you set in step 1
Chorus OpenScape Desktop application showing call history, directory search bar, and navigation options
  1. Softphone Controls: from left to right; mute, adjust volume, in-call tone dialling (DTMF), toggle video on/off, toggle camera preview on/off.
  2. Call History tab
  3. Voicemail tab
  4. Conferencing tab
  5. Call History
  6. Saved Contacts
  7. Action Bar
  8. Minimise/Maximise Saved Contacts
  9. Directory Search and Dial field

The softphone will offer two devices by default: Workphone and Softphone. When workphone is selected, calls will be directed to your desk phone in the office. When softphone is selected calls will be directed to your PC.

To add a new preferred device:

  1. Click on your name at the right-hand end of the Action Bar and select Settings > Devices
  2. In the dialog that opens click on + Add a new device
  3. Enter the name you will use to refer to the new device, and the associated telephone number in the international format. For a mobile this will appear +447xxx xxx xxx. For a desk phone or landline this will appear +441865 xxx xxx
  4. Click Add device at the top of the window, then click Save

You can now click on the handset icon in the Action Bar and select your preferred device by choosing it from the drop down list.

It is possible to configure voicemail as a preferred device by following the steps above, and entering a telephone number of 5361002. Selecting this as your preferred device will direct all incoming calls to voicemail, while another device can be used or set up to handle outgoing calls.

Calls can be placed by clicking on the phone icon next to any entry in your Call History or Contact List.  You can also enter the number you wish to dial into the Search Field.

When you place a call with the Softphone, the Chorus phone system will place a call to your preferred device.  When you answer, a second call will be placed to the number you dialled or selected.  In this way all call costs are applied only to your own extension, never to your personal device.  Outgoing calls will also only ever present your University telephone number, and never that of your personal or preferred device.

Select the Voicemail tab to view a list of your messages, including when they were received.  Click on the Play  icon to play a message through your selected audio device, or the Delete   icon to delete a message.

Further information is available on configuring and managing voicemail.

Select the Conference tab (click on the triangle with dotted corners) to access a teleconference configuration page. Here you can set up persistent or scheduled conferences.  External participants must be set up as contacts in your Contact List before you can invite them to conferences.

Further information is available on configuring conference calls.

Most issues can be resolved by performing a profile reset.

  1. Log out of the softphone (click on your name in the Action Bar and select Sign out), close the softphone completely
  2. Close Outlook if it is open
  3. Select the Start   button, search for openscape, and click on OpenScape Profile Reset
  4. When prompted About to clear your OpenScape sip account profile from this computer only, click OK
  5. When prompted, enter your login details, remembering that your UC Account is based on your SSO username in the format abcd1234-sip, and your UC Password is your OpenScape password
  6. Re-open the softphone
  7. When prompted, enter your UC Account and UC Password again, as in step 5

To view call history, conferences and voicemail


To view information about your phone, directory status and dialling permissions



To change voicemail settings (needs VPN)


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