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A quick start guide to using the voicemail system.

Please note, this information is for phones still on the analogue or Cisco system.  If you are not sure, dial 10888 from your phone.  If the voice says you are using the Chorus telephony service, you need the instructions here:

If you need to set voicemail and cannot access your phone, please follow the instructions here.

To activate your voicemail box, you will need to record a PIN, a personal greeting and to record your name. In order for callers to be able to leave messages in your voicemail box, you will then need to place diversions from your extension to your mailbox. The instructions below will help you set up the basic features required to use the new voicemail system.

Steps to take:

Configure Voicemail- Please configure your announcement, name tag and PIN.

Place Diversions - Please use the diversions to ensure your voicemail works correctly.

1) Auto-Registration

To set up voicemail dial 00 or 09, this will give you the option of personalising your voicemail box if you do not have voicemail set up. If this option does not work, please contact us on (6)14999.

2) Personal Greeting

When callers are diverted to your voicemail box, they will hear the personal greeting before being prompted to leave a message.

Please Note:If your voicemail box is not auto-registering and has placed you in the main voicemail menu, dial 3 to personalise your mailbox.

1. To add a greeting dial 1 for your personal greeting.

2. To record - Press 3 and then any key to stop recording.

3. To review - Press 2 If you are satisfied with your greeting press 1.

4. If you would like to re-record your greeting press 3.

3) Changing your PIN

1. From the Main Menu, dial 3 to access the personalisation menu.

2. From the Personalisation/Auto-registration menu, dial  2 to access the PIN code menu.

*Please choose a memorable 6 digit-length strong PIN number - E.g. all one single digit like 444444 or consecutive digits forward or backwards like 123456, 3456789, 098765 or including the mailbox number itself will not be allowed*

If you know your pin, go to and change your pin using the Pin Management menu.

What to do if you do not remember your pin

If you have set a pin at some point but do not remember it, you must contact the Telecoms Helpdesk (email or 14999) and ask for a temporary pin.

4) Recording your name

After the greeting you will then need to finish personalising your mailbox by recording your name.

1. Press 3 for the name recording sub-menu (if you are in the main voicemail menu, please press 3 for personalisation options.)

2. To record - Press 3 to start recording and any key to stop recording.

3. To review - Press 2, to save your recording press 1.

4. If you would like to re-record your greeting press 3.

5 ) To divert

After you have configured the basics for voicemail, you will then need to place the appropriate diversions on to voicemail, otherwise you will not receive messages in your new mailbox. If you are changing from the old voicemail system to the new voicemail system, you will need to reinstate the diversions. Otherwise, your voicemail messages will be left on the old voicemail system. If you are new to voicemail; diversions will ensure that callers are directed to your voicemail box.

> Divert on the old/pabx system

Divert all calls to new voicemail............................ 11#, wait for tone, then hang up

(All calls to your extension will immediately go to voicemail.)

Cancel Immediate Diversion................................. 11*, wait for tone, then hang up

Divert calls to new voicemail on busy....................... 12#, wait for tone, then hang up

(If your line is in use or engaged, the caller will be diverted to voicemail.)

Cancel Busy Diversion.............................................12*, wait for tone, then hang up

Divert calls to new voicemail on no-reply.............. 13#, wait for tone, then hang up

(If you do not pick up your extension after 5 rings, the caller will then be diverted to voicemail.)

Cancel Diversion...............................................13*, wait for tone, then hang up

> Divert on the new/voip system

Cisco VoIP phones are automatically set-up to divert on busy or no-reply, though this can be disabled upon request. At this moment in time, VoIP phone users cannot change busy/no-reply diversions themselves though they can ask Telecommunications to make these changes for them. You can however set and cancel unconditional diversions.

Set Immediate Diversion for Cisco phones.......... Press CFwdAll softkey, then dial 00/press Messages button

Cancel Immediate Diversion............................... Press CFwdAll again

Set Immediate Diversion for analogue phones...... **1, then dial 00

Cancel Immediate Diversion................................. **2

6) To access

00 to access your voicemail from your own extension.

01 to wait for the prompt and then * to access your voicemail from another extension.

01865 282992 to access voicemail from anexternal telephone number.

Cisco VoIP Users> Press Messages button/Msgs softkey

To ensure that your voicemail box works correctly, you will need to have completed the following:-

1) Correctly set-up your new voicemail box with an announcement, name recording and PIN.

2) Placed on the relevant diversions to voicemail.


Additional Information

After you have set up voicemail using the above instructions, you may want to customise voicemail to suit your needs. You could request Advanced Features, read the quick reference guide that is supplied by the service provider, or their more in-depth manual for more information.

> When you are listening to messages you can use these commands:


1 Save
2 Repeat
3 Delete
4 Skip back 10 seconds
5 Pause
6 Skip forward 10 seconds
7 Skip back 1 message
8 Take Action
9 Skip forwards 1 message
* Return to Main Menu


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