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Telephone Services

Chorus Service

Chorus is the new unified communication system which has replaced all the legacy telephony systems.

Video & Teleconferencing

Sometimes its hard for all people in a dispersed group to attend face-to-face meetings. When this happens there are other options that you can use. We offer both video and teleconference options via Chorus and WebEx. Alternatively you can use Skype or other offers from Google etc.


WebEx is a web conferencing service that gives participants the tools to seamlessly collaborate and share information. With WebEx, you can share presentations, applications and your entire desktop with colleagues from around the world.

SMS Service

The SMS service allows users around the university to send texts to large or small numbers of people. It is the system currently used to send voicemail notification texts, and can also be used, for example, to send course or class notifications/changes, to send alerts from alarm monitoring systems, for disaster/emergency planning or to send messages to staff off campus.

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