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Guide to web-related services

This document lists Web-related services and gives a brief description of what each service offers. If you are unsure of which service may be appropriate for your needs, please see the use cases guidance page.

Oxford Mosaic

Oxford Mosaic - a web publishing platform for the University. It provides an easy-to-use interface for publishing attractive, responsive websites. Centrally maintained and fully supported, Mosaic is a cost-effective and sustainable web publishing solution.

  1. Oxford Mosaic website

Personal web pages

The Web Publishing Service provides all registered users with an allocation of space which can be used to host personal web sites using static html.

Bespoke Hosting

IT Services provides bespoke hosting for those who wish to maintain their own systems without managing their own servers. Hosting is currently available on either Linux (Apache based) or Windows.

  1. Help pages on web hosting


A web-based virtual learning environment (VLE) that supports teaching and learning in the University. WebLearn can be used to deliver online resources to students and includes specialised applications and tools such as lecture capture (Replay), plagiarism awareness (Turnitin), information about researcher training (Researcher Training Tool) and past exam papers (OXAM). Assistance in designing WebLearn sites is available.

  1. WebLearn site
  2. WebLearn help pages

Sharepoint - Nexus

A document repository and collaboration service focused on serving four distinct types of activities:

  • My Sites: Personal intranet sites to enable sharing of documents and other forms of collaboration. 
  • Committees: to support typical committee workflows, including meeting scheduling and document sharing. 
  • Research: to support collaborative research activities, including formal and informal collaboration. 
  • Clubs and Societies: to supporting the internal management of student clubs and other approved University societies. 
  1. Sharepoint help pages
  2. Sharepoint site


The media publishing service manages the main university media channels (Oxford on iTunesU and and offers a hosting, cataloguing and media publishing service for the whole University.

  1. Podcasting help pages


Oxford's Single Sign-On (SSO) is currently implemented using WebAuth. Single sign-on means that users of WebAuth authenticated services, enter a username and a password only once (per session) to a central login server. Any further access to other Webauth based services are automatically and securely authenticated without the user being aware that this has happened.

  1. Oxford username help pages
  2. WebAuth help pages
  3. WebAuth how to guide


The IT Learning Centre delivers a broad range of classroom based and online courses for staff and students to enhance their digital skills.

  1. The IT Learning Centre


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 January 2020