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Comprehensive Web hosting: using drush on

If you have a Drupal site hosted on the Comprehensive Web Hosting service, you may wish to use drush to manage your site. In order to help you do this we have installed several versions of drush on

We will try to keep the most current version of drush in your path, and you can find out the version you are using by running:

username@access:~$ drush --version
 Drush Version   :  8.0.5

The versions we have installed are located as follows:

  1. Default version: /opt/drush/current/drush
  2. System default /usr/bin/drush
  3. Other versions installed in /opt/drush/drush-<VERSION_NUMBER> where <VERSION_NUMBER> is the drush version number

If you wish to use a version other than the default then you can do any of:

  • Give the full path to the version, e.g. /opt/drush/drush-6.7.0/drush
  • Alter your path by editing your .bashrc file (or other startup file)

Note that we do not guarantee to maintain any version other than the version labelled as current and system versions, and may replace older versions at any time (e.g. due to security updates), at which point we will disable older versions.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 27 May 2016