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Running a Manual Backup

1. What is a manual backup?

A manual backup is a forced backup of your local system outside of the scheduled backup window. We ask all users to complete a manual backup prior to their first scheduled backup so that we can ensure that both the client-server communication is in place and also that the majority of your data is captured at the first pass. Please note that if you have a large amount of data (over 100GB) then it may take several manual backups to complete this process.

When would you need to do a manual backup?

  • First-time backup
  • After missing one or more scheduled backups
  • After experiencing one or more failed backups
  • You have a substantial amount of new data that you wish to back up before the next scheduled backup
  • You have changed a substantial amount of data and you want to make sure that the backed-up copy is up-to-date.

2. Running a manual backup

Instructions for completing a manual backup vary slightly depending on your operating system. For detailed, platform-specific instructions please see our pages about running manual backups with the TSM client for:

3. Frequently Asked Questions - manual backups

Manual backups - FAQs (See all FAQs)

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 25 February 2016