1. General Information

IT Services manages the University-wide ethernet, which provides fast links between systems, in addition to maintaining the links to the Internet.

Support is available in the form of hardware and software advice, services, courses, and documentation.

Wireless Networking


You can use your Oxford Remote Access Account credentials to connection to eduroam at participating organisations (in the 1,000's) in over 70 countires.

OWL & Public Wi-Fi

The OWL and Public Wi-Fi services are intended primarily for visitors toconnect to the network around the University.

When you are away from the University you can still access your usual resources by using our Remote Access Services:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Essential software to access local resources when away from the University

Broadband Connection

General information on using commercial broadband services.

Internet Telephony and Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

Want to call home over the Internet? Read our document to find out how.

Computer Security

It is vital to keep your own information and computer secure, both for your own privacy and for the overall security of the University network.

Peer to Peer Networks - Oxford University Rules

Using Peer-to-Peer applications? Find out about the University rules and conditions of use first.

2. Services for Network Administrators

2.2. Webauth enabled interfaces for ITSS

Visitor Network Account Granting Privilege Administration
Heads of IT can control who is able to give out Visitor accounts for their unit
802.1X Device Registration
Wireless access points and 802.1X participating devices
OWL Phase 2 Access Point Registration
Register an access point to be fully managed by OUCS under OWL Phase 2
OWL Phase 2 Management Interface for ITSS
Cisco Wireless Control System interface
Link Status Report
Backbone network port information

2.3. Online tools restricted to access from within the University network

2.3.1. DNS

DNS updates
Change DNS records for your unit
DNS zone listings
Manually lookup all DNS information for an Oxford zone
Subnet list
Show all the University subnets and details on their allocations

2.3.2. DHCP

DHCP updates
Search and register new DHCP instructions
DHCP deletions
Search and delete DHCP instructions
DHCP log searches
Search through the DHCP lease logs for your unit
Rogue DHCP servers
Look for evidence of rogue DHCP servers
DHCP registration queries
Search through the dhcp registrations (search option also present on other dhcp pages)

2.3.3. Auditing

ARP query
Find out which computers have been using the IP addresses on your subnetwork.
IP Allocation Status Tool
Review the status of your DNS allocation
IP Allocation Audit Tool
Review your DNS allocation utilisation
Current router blocks
Hosts blocked at the University routers by the security team
University firewall blocks
Current University firewall ruleset
Lost/stolen machines
Alerts the University when a specific MAC address of a stolen machine is spotted

2.4. Charged networking services from IT Services


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 26 July 2017