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Microsoft Student Licensing

Office 365 Pro Plus -  till August 2019

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  • Students & Staff employed with valid University cards are eligible to download 
  • Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus - 12 month subscription basis. 
  • Windows Education (not Pro or Enterprise)
  • Some products may require renewing every year ​
  • All limitations set by Microsoft not IT Services.

Note: You do not need a Microsoft Account

You will be assigned a login name by Kivuto.  Please file this and any codes somewhere safe in case you need to reinstall it.  Kivuto and IT Services do not have a copy.  

Your @oxforduni login name and temporary password is on the ORDER SUMMARY (see screenshot below). Use it right away - it expires. This is your login for Kivuto Office365 on the web at  To get a new temporary password contact Kivuto: or toll-free in the UK at 0800 098 8436)

Next year you may have a Nexus365 account as we migrate the University email and they are separate accounts.

Web-based apps are available from using your login on your receipt Order Summary below. Once you log in you will have the option to download and INSTALL APPLICATIONs on your computer. Mobile apps are available from your usual app store.

screenshot of order receipt

Availability is based on your University card status and intended for your University work. If you leave the University or retire, it officially expires and the license agreement for educational use requires it be uninstalled.

We regret Retired Staff are not legally allowed to use this product. Please purchase your Microsoft Office from Amazon or PC World. Alternatively use open source such as Libre Office which is free. Our Office license from is based on our reported full-time staff and students numbers to Microsoft.

You are allowed to install it only on your personal computer, laptop, tablet or mobile devices (not friends or family).

Download instructions


Download from

  1. Click Sign In at the top right of the screen
  2. Log in using your Oxford Single Sign-On account and password
  3. Click on Office 365 Pro Plus

SUPPORT: or you may ring them toll-free in the UK at 0800 098 8436

Support for the software provision is contracted through Microsoft Education partner provider Kivuto ( These offers can change due to Microsoft's rules and Kivuto will have the current details. (If you misplace your code, you will be required to repurchase the software. You may want to use a password manager such as Keypass, Lastpass or Keeper to organise them.)


What happens when my Office 365 ProPlus subscription expires?

This is a one year subscription product and requires annual renewal.  On the day your subscription expires: You are sent an email notifying you of the expiration and advising you to renew if you are still eligible (i.e. if you are still a current staff or student when you ordered Office 365 ProPlus). Your account will remain active and fully functional for a grace period of seven days*.

To reactivate:

1. Login to with your SSO

2. Go to the Fulfillment Centre and Orders - if allowed click Get Office. If not add it to your basket again and checkout.

Seven days* after your subscription expires: Your account enters Reduced Functionality Mode. The program remains installed on your computer, but you are only able to view and print your documents (features required to create/edit documents are disabled). If you renew during the next 30 days, your account is reactivated and you regain full Office 365 functionality.

30 days after your account enters Reduced Functionality Mode: Your account is permanently deleted, along with any files you had stored on OneDrive. You can order a new Office 365 ProPlus subscription if you are still eligible, but this will not restore your OneDrive files.

Kivuto support report that documents saved in Microsoft's OneDrive Cloud storage solution **SHOULD** be saved on the student's local computer in their OneDrive folder.  "Finalists and Leavers just need to move the documents out of the local OneDrive folder and into another folder on their computer."


(formerly DreamSpark)

Professional Developer and Designer Tools for students at no charge.  We have a University wide Standard subscription and available software is downloaded from On the Hub. It is not licensed for any college or departmental business. STEM department status users have Premium Imagine - this is set by Microsoft and not by IT Services.



If you have an older email address (other than you will receive the email below. As the University moves to the cloud next year, all the old addresses need joining up to the main one. Unfortunately we were not aware Microsoft did not control this at the outset. We apologise on their behalf for the inconvenience.

"You may be aware that the University will be making improvements to email services in late 2017 (see  As part of this we need to change your OnTheHub username from to  Your data will not be affected and your password will not change.

This change is scheduled to happen on December 13th, 2016. When it does, the change of username may take a few minutes so if you do not have access to your account immediately, please try again after a short while. IMPORTANT: you will need to make a note of your new OnTheHub username as you will need it to log in.
Your University Single Sign On credentials and University email address are not being affected by this.
Thank you for your patience. Nexus Team"

You still login to with your SSO

This new email address is only to login to the Office 365 Online -



Written by IT Services. Latest revision 8 June 2018