Microsoft Campus Agreement

The details for the Microsoft Campus 3.5 Agreement are listed below, the University of Oxford initially signed up to this agreement in 2010, and has now been extended till 2016. There are limited products available under the Campus Agreement so Select is run in parallel to cover the remainder. The licences under Campus, although available free of charge (centrally funded), are non-perpetual but those under Select are valid in perpetuity. Please see the information below regarding usage terms and agreement details.

Please refer to Select Deal for details of the Microsoft Select Agreement.

1. Campus Agreement Details

The current Microsoft Campus Agreement 3.5 runs for 3 years, from 1st September 2013 to 31st August 2016. The Campus Agreement products may be installed on any University of Oxford-owned, College-owned or leased computer and accessed on those machines by all members of departments and/or Colleges, whether they are staff or students. University staff, College Staff and members of Congregation may also install one copy of Office and Windows operating system upgrade on their own personal computer for work related use, Staff - Work at home use.

2. Products

The products on the schedule for the Campus 3.5 Agreement are: Desktop Campus.

This currently gives us access to the following microsoft products:

  • Office for Windows Professional Plus 2013
  • Office 2011 for Macintosh
  • Office Multilanguage Packs
  • Windows Operating System Upgrade to Windows 8 (Enterprise)
  • Client Access Licenses (User) for Windows Server 2012 Standard, Exchange Server 2010 Standard, System Centre Configuration Manager 2012 Client Management Licences and SharePoint Server Standard 2010

Please note that the versions of Office as above must be installed with all of their individual products included.

All these products are distributed via the IT Services Shop

All products are subject to the 'Microsoft Licensing Product Use Rights' current at the time, these can be found at:-

3. Operating Systems Upgrades

The Windows operating system upgrades licenses offered through Campus Agreement entitle you to upgrade to the most current version of Windows. For example, if you currently run Windows 7, you are licensed to upgrade to Windows 8. Please note that this is an upgrade only, not a full license. In order to run any version of a Microsoft Windows operating system licensed through Campus Agreement, you or your users must have a valid license for a Microsoft Windows operating system or Macintosh operating system on each computer on which the software is run.

4. Languages

The Campus 3.5 Agreement gives the choice of two languages, these have been selected as English and English/MultiLanguage.


5. Software Assurance

The Software Assurance element of this agreement allows you to:

  • Upgrade existing copies of software when a new release is issued.
  • Use an earlier version of software, for example this allows you to run Windows XP on a machine originally licensed for Windows 7.
  • Use a second operating system on a PC, for example provided the University owns an original operating system license for the computer either Windows or Mac OS, then you can use the Campus operating system upgrade license not only to upgrade the original license to Windows 7 or XP but also to run a copy of Windows 7 or XP on your pc under Bootcamp, Virtual PC or other similar products.

6. Support

Users acquiring software under the Campus Agreement are not entitled to free telephone support from Microsoft. Support can be obtained via your local IT Support Staff or the IT Services Help Centre.

7. Record Keeping

The Campus Agreement requires that we keep records of the distribution of the Campus Software Products

When you purchase media or licences from the IT Services Shop they will record the number of licenses that you require in the software licensing database. If you wish to increase the number of licences please email with the details (together with your software card barcode number).

All copies of media for work at home use purchased through the IT Services Shop by staff for personal use will be automatically registered to the individual concerned

It is the responsibility of Departments and Colleges concerned to ensure that the terms of this agreement are adhered to within their own area. IT Services will distribute media and licence details to authorised staff but cannot take responsibility for the deployment of the software within Departments and Colleges.

8. Media & Software Distribution

Software media for installation can be purchased from the IT Services Shop.

IT Support Staff can also obtain ISO images of both Office and Operating System media from theITSS download site

Disks created from these ISO images must be true and complete copies (including copyright and trademark notices) they must not be used to provide work-at-home rights.

9. Fees

The annual fee is based on the staff numbers; including all staff working for 20 or more hours but excludes non PC-users such as "maintenance, groundskeepers, cafeteria and mailroom staff". The fee for the Campus Agreement has been funded centrally by the University.

10. Who can Have a Copy for Home Use?

It is expected that most copies of software made under the Campus Agreement will be installed on University-owned or College-owned computers, from media supplied to IT Services Software Card holders (usually IT Support Staff) through the IT Services Shop on receipt of a Departmental or College order. However, there is scope under the agreement for limited use by staff on personally-owned computers.

10.1. College Staff, University Staff and Senior Members

If your University card describes you as 'College Staff', 'University Staff' or 'Congregation' you are entitled to use one copy of Office and/or Windows Upgrade on your own computer wherever that may be, for work related use (i.e. academic-related work).

You must obtain the appropriate work at home media as a download from Staff Downloads for this implementation.

These copies must be deleted if the staff member leaves the employ of Oxford University. They must also be deleted if the Agreement is terminated.

Retired Staff, Departmental Staff, Academic Visitors and students (either Postgraduate, Recognized Student, Visiting Student or Undergraduate) may not use work at home copies of the Campus products.

10.2. Students

Students may not have personal copies of the Campus products for use on their own computer(s) at this time as the cost of enabling this would be prohibitive for the University.

11. Terms of the Agreement

11.1. Rental

The Campus Agreement is a rental agreement. Licences under the Campus agreement are not perpetual, and all copies must be deleted if the Agreement is terminated. Products must not be lent, leased or rented to people outside the Agreement.

11.2. Renewal

The University has signed an Agreement for three years that is renewed each year until August 2016. Microsoft have made no legal commitments beyond that.

When the licensed period expires Microsoft will give 60 days notice of expiration and advise of the options to renew. A new Agreement can be signed or the buy-out option exercised. The buy-out option allows perpetual licences to be purchased for the required quantity of chosen products for a fee similar to that for licences purchased under the Microsoft Select Agreement.

11.3. Termination

In the event that Agreement is not renewed or the buy-out option not exercised then upon termination of the Agreement all users will be notified that they must delete all copies of the products licensed under the Campus Agreement, destroy the associated media and disconnect access to any servers staff or students may have accessed according to the Work at Home or Student Option rights. We must ensure that this instruction is carried out and inform Microsoft of such deletion, destruction and termination of access.

All staff who are using any products according to the Work at Home Rights must delete and remove all copies of such products from the temporary RAM and hard disk of their PCs and destroy associated media.

12. Other Rights and Limitations

Product Use Rights
All products included in the Campus Agreement are licensed by Microsoft and use of the products is governed by the Product Use Rights specific to each product and version and by the terms of the Subscription Order.
Separation of Components
The Campus software is licensed as a single product. If a product is made up of multiple components (in the case of product suites, such as Office), the components must not be separated by running them on different computers, by upgrading or downgrading them at different times, or by transferring them separately.
The copyright in all products is owned by Microsoft.
Limitations on Reverse Engineering, Decompilation, and Disassembly
No attempt must be made to reverse-engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software.
Export restrictions
The products are subject to the US Export Administration Regulations, as well as end-user, end use and destination restrictions issued by the U.S. and other governments. For further details see: The products must not be exported to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo (Serbian controlled), Libya, Montenegro, North Korea, Sudan and Syria without the consent of the US Department of Commerce.
Applicable Law
The Microsoft Campus Agreement is subject to the laws of Ireland.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 December 2014