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In addition to this please see the details for the Microsoft Campus Agreement which allows provides licences for Office and Windows on University and College owned and leased machines.

Our agreement for staff 'Work at home' has changed. The new portal for Microsoft is being tested and guidance is being written and will be published as soon as this work is completed.

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Select Plus allows a University Departments and Colleges to buy many additional products eg Server, Project and Visio software directly from our supplier Bytes via the Oracle Punchout or directly at

Microsoft software for staff and students can be purchased via various schemes Microsoft student schemes.

A software licence is required for every copy of a Microsoft product installed on the hard disk of a university owned PC, the software should not be copied to another PC without first purchasing another licence.

Only Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) is an exception to this rule (no other applications).  Alternatively use the free and licensed version, Nexus365, on up to 5 different machines.

Currently the licences purchased under the Microsoft Select Plus Agreement are perpetual and subject to the Microsoft 'Product Use Rights' current at the time of purchase, these are accessible on the Web at Usage Terms. In the future chargeable subscription products may become available.

Under the concurrency rules for Select Plus, a Microsoft licence may not be shared concurrently on different workstations attached to the same network server. You must acquire and dedicate a licence for each separate computer on which the software product is installed or run from a server.

Please order Microsoft Select Plus software directly from our supplier Bytes via the Oracle Punchout or email them directly at

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