Collaboration support

Nexus365 tools

Nexus365 gives you access to a range of tools for collaboration and communication.

Other tools:


SharePoint allows groups of users to interact and collaborate on documents within their own secure web site.

Mailing lists

Use Sympa electronic mailing lists to exchange email quickly and easily with groups of people.

Delegation of mailboxes, calendars and contact lists

If you need to delegate access to your mailbox or other Nexus features see:

Resource/room booking calendars

Find out how to use the Nexus service for room and resource booking around the University:

Phones & videoconferencing

For help with Chorus phones and related services see:

Videoconferencing help and advice:

Help with document and survey tools

Need to learn how to send large files to colleagues either here in Oxford or around the world? Or perhaps convert a document to another format? Then view the help pages for each service:

JISC Online Survey is an easy-to-use online tool for creating, distributing and analysing surveys.