Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that can be used for storing and sharing content securely, as well as to create secure websites, such as intranets.

We are currently running two concurrent versions of SharePoint:

  • SharePoint Online - this new version is part of the Nexus 365 suite of applications, is cloud-based and became available to members of the University in November 2020
  • SharePoint 2013 "on-premise" - this has been available for several years, is managed locally by IT Services, and goes out of support with Microsoft in April 2023

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online, the cloud-based version of SharePoint, is now available to colleagues across the University. This is part of the Nexus365 suite of applications. SharePoint on-premise will not be switched off until April 2023, however, we strongly encourage you to move your content to SharePoint Online well before this deadline.

IT Services have employed a SharePoint Online specialist, Priya Nair, for the whole of 2021 to provide support and advice for anyone setting up their SharePoint Online presence.

We would strongly encourage you to make use of her time while she is in post.

You can book a session with Priya via this SharePoint Online Consultation and Support Booking form. She is available to discuss:

  • Planning and Site Architecture Strategy
  • Content Migration approach
  • Help with Workflow / Power Automate
  • SPO Technical advice

The content of SharePoint on-premise sites cannot be automatically moved over to SharePoint Online. Setting up new SharePoint Online sites and moving content over will be the responsibility of Site Owners and administrators.

Meeting solution in SharePoint Online

There are two versions of a Meeting Solution in SharePoint Online, which are now available:

  1. Basic Meeting Site, which provides the functionality for a meeting with documents
  2. Committee Meeting Site, which provides functionality for meetings, with documentation and security levels to manage who can access what content

You can easily request a Meeting Solution through IT Self-Service - on the "Type of site" drop-down, select either "Basic Meeting site" or "Committee Meeting site". 

For more information, please see the Meeting Solution for SharePoint Online page on the IT Help website. 

Getting started with SharePoint Online

There is a lot of information about SharePoint Online on this website. We suggest you might want to read the following pages and Quick Reference Guides before requesting new sites:

Get SharePoint Online

There is further information and guidance about SharePoint Online on the projects website:

SharePoint Online sites are provided "out-of-the-box" without customisation, so Microsoft’s support website, and other external help websites, are accurate sources of additional advice.

SharePoint on-premise

Now that SharePoint Online is available, you should no longer be creating new SharePoint on-premise sites and you are strongly encouraged to move content over to SharePoint Online as soon as possible. However, you can continue using your SharePoint on-premise sites until April 2023, at which point they will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

There are several support pages on SharePoint which you might find useful and there is more information about SharePoint on-premise on the Collaboration Suite (Nexus365) Service Catalogue page.

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