How to manage Outlook profiles

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The Outlook title bar shows the primary email address that your current profile is using in the middle, for example Inbox - - Outlook. If you have moved department and this has not updated then you can follow the guidance on this page to remove your old profile and set up a new one.

  1. Select Start  , start typing control, and select Control Panel. Select the Mail (32-bit) icon
  2. Select Show profiles, and select the profile you want to remove if there is more than one
  3. Select Remove and confirm any prompts that appear

Outlook will automatically prompt you to set up a new profile if one doesn't exist when it starts. Follow this guide if you want to manually create a new profile for any reason. You might wish to do this if you have two email accounts that need to be kept strictly separate.

  1. Select Start  , start typing control, and select Control Panel. Select the Mail (32-bit) icon
  2. Select Show profiles > Add
  3. Enter a name for the profile and select OK. "Default" or "Outlook" are good choices of name if this is the only profile
  4. Configure your email account by following our guide: Nexus365: Configure email

The process to add a profile for a secondary account is almost the same as for other accounts.

Follow the process to add a new profile, incorporating the following changes:

  • When configuring your email, provide the secondary account details (you do not initially need to provide a password).
  • If the mailbox is being set up for an account delegate, when later presented with a Windows security or sign in box, the displayed email address must be replaced with the delegate's own username details (for example abcd1234@OX.AC.UK), then their own Single Sign-On password.

If you have multiple profiles then Outlook will either start with a default profile, or prompt you to select one each time. Follow this guide to select or change the default profile.

  1. Select Start  , start typing control, and select Control Panel. Select the Mail (32-bit) icon
  2. Select Show profiles
  3. Select Always use this profile and choose the profile you want Outlook to start with from the dropdown list. Alternatively, select Prompt for a profile to be used if you would like to choose your profile each time Outlook starts
  4. Select OK

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