OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is Microsoft’s file-hosting service that allows you to store, share and synchronise work files: each user gets 5TB of storage. It is different from the OneDrive you might already have seen or used through your personal Microsoft account or through Nexus SharePoint.

It is certified against the internationally recognised information security standards and approved by the University for all data. However, you are responsible for using it in a safe and secure way. For more information, see OneDrive for Business security guidelines.

How to access OneDrive

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To log in to Nexus365, use your Oxford username (in the format of abcd1234@OX.AC.UK) and your Single Sign-On password.

For more information on using OneDrive on the web see Upload files and folders to OneDrive for Business.

You can sync files between your computer and the Nexus365 OneDrive for Business service. You can work on files directly stored on your computer and any changes will be sync whenever you’re online.

For details on how to download and install the OneDrive sync client, follow the steps on the Microsoft website:

OneDrive sync client in Windows

OneDrive sync client on Mac OS X

The official Microsoft apps for Android and iOS are available through Google Play, the Apple App Store and from the Microsoft website.

These have some features that are unique to the mobile app, such as whiteboard and business card scanning. For more information, see Microsoft guidance on Mobile and Mac for OneDrive.