OneDrive for Business FAQ

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If you already use OneDrive and don’t want to move any data you can use two separate OneDrive accounts.  You will be prompted when logging in to select which you would like to use, Business or Personal.

If you want to move data from your personal OneDrive to your OneDrive for Business account, be aware that personal OneDrive accounts are not supported by IT Support Staff.  See Microsoft guidance on how to move files from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business.

The key difference between unauthorised cloud storage services and Nexus365's OneDrive is that Nexus365 has enterprise-level support, availability, troubleshooting and network capacity.  We can also prioritise issues in a way you won’t get on a free or single user unauthorised storage solution.

If you are considering other storage solutions, please check the University’s guidelines on cloud services and how to use them safely.

Data in Nexus365’s OneDrive is recoverable by Microsoft if there is a major disaster, such as one of their datacentres being destroyed.  Documents you save to OneDrive keep a history of editing activity meaning that you can easily return to a previous version of a file.  However, your OneDrive files are not backed-up to tape in the way that you may be used to.  There are some protections against accidental file deletions but if you are concerned that you will always need the ability to fully recover files from backup tapes, particularly after a long period of time, OneDrive will not be a good fit for your needs.

Deletion rules for OneDrive are the same as for your email account.  A deleted item will be held in the Deleted Items folder for 90 days, this is then followed by 30 days in the Recoverable Items folder.

If you want to restore deleted files, follow the Microsoft guidance to restore your OneDrive.

No.  A shared mailbox (or project mailbox) does not have any OneDrive allocation, because it does not belong to a single person.  It just has email and a calendar.

The account expires as soon as you leave the University.  Anyone who has been given shared access to files will be able to access them for a further two months or until their account has been officially deleted.

OneDrive for Business is administered by IT Services.

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