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Course Payments

You pay on line, in advance of a course

There is a charge for most IT Learning Centre classroom-based courses and workshops. courses are free.

Payment for courses must normally be made at the time of booking via the online course booking system (CoSy).

The cost to you will depend on your university status as listed on your University Card. Students and postgraduates will usually receive a 50% discount on the advertised price. The discounted price will show during the payment process.

There is no charge for Bodleian Libraries courses.

You can pay for courses in the following ways. We do not accept cash payments.

How to book and pay for a course:

Payment Methods

Card Payment

We accept: Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro. We do not take American Express.

Card payment for courses must normally be made at the time of booking via our online booking system which is integrated with WorldPay.

In exceptional circumstances (e.g. you have offered a course place at very short) it is possible to make payment on the day using the card terminal at our Course Registration desk. You can choose between Chip and PIN (any amount) and contactless payment (if your card is enabled and up to a maximum of £30).

Purchase Order

We can accept Purchase orders from Departments and Colleges in payment for your course. You can include multiple courses and several attendees on a single purchase order.

If you wish to pay by PO you must book your place using our online booking system. If you know the details you can add these at the time of booking in the Purchase Order box. Otherwise, please put "To follow" and send us the details as soon as you have them.

Non-Oracle users

Please send us a hard copy or scan of your College Purchase Order. If this is not possible we will need an email from a member of your bursary/accounts/finance team authorising the payment by invoice.

Oracle users

  • Purchase orders should be made out to IT Services, Central Administration, 16 Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2HY.
  • It is helpful if you include "ITLC Courses" in the details so that our Finance Team can easily pass your PO to us.
  • Please list the details on the Purchase Order. For example:
    • ITLC Courses – Documents: Managing your thesis 29 Nov, Jane Smith
    • Presentations: Improving your presentations, 7 Nov, Jane Smith and Tom Brown
  • Please let us know the number of your Purchase Order in advance by emailing
  • If you are an Administrator who has a number of staff attending courses please contact us to discuss the best way to make the payment by Purchase Order.


Journal/Internal Transfer

You can pay for a course by Journal/Internal transfer.

If you wish to pay by Journal/Internal transfer you must book your place using our online booking system.  In the Purchase Order box please put "Journal details to follow" and send us the details once you have them.

Please email the information below to

Journal payments will be initiated by IT Services on receipt of the information below. Please ensure that the journal is fully authorised prior to sending us details as the journal will be passed without seeking further approval. Details required are:

  • Cost Centre
  • Natural Account
  • Activity code
  • SOF
  • ORG

e.g. ED0000-84110-33-00000-10-000000

We will also need the email address of a member of your Finance team to contact in case of queries.

For each journal payment we will need details of the courses it covers, for example:

  • ITLC Courses – Databases – Building a database 31 Oct, Jane Smith £30.00
  • Digital media: Desktop publishing: Effective workflows, 8 Nov, Jane Smith and Tom Brown £20.00

Cheque Payments

If you are unable to pay by card, purchase order or journal we can accept cheques in certain circumstances; please contact if you would like to pay by cheque.

Payment after a course has been booked

In some circumstances you will need to pay for your course after you have booked it, for example if you were on a waiting list and then offered a place. Our short video below will explain how to make a payment.


In order to pay via credit/debit card please follow these instructions:

Click on

(If you are not logged in you will need your Oxford Single Sign-on).  This will take you to the payments page where you can view your outstanding orders.

To check your order, click on the action button at the right hand side of the line to display a summary of the order, click View Your Order

If this is correct you can make your payment.

Close “Your Order Viewer”, click on the action button at the right hand side of the line and click the "Make Payment" option

This will take you to the WorldPay payment site where you will be able to make your card payment


Terms and Conditions

Please see our terms and conditions for more details about payments and our refund policy.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 14 January 2019