Blended learning in IT for students, academics and staff.

The IT Learning Centre is the new name for the IT Learning Programme (often called ‘the ITLP’).

Courses are only part of what we do. We also:

  • Run workshops
  • Put on themed lunch-time talks
  • Deliver customised courses for departments
  • Work with the Bodleian Libraries to deliver iSkills and Research Skills events
  • Publish our teaching resources on-line for all to access and use
  • Help source specialist training providers
  • Hire out our fully-featured teaching rooms for University, national and international events
  • Advise on the design and use of small to medium teaching spaces and their technologies

and most recently:

  • Manage the University’s access to the huge library of courses that are free to all at Oxford

The IT Learning Centre is part of Academic IT Services and we work closely with our colleagues who deliver the WebLearn, Educational Media, Technology Enhanced Learning and Research Support services; we truly are at the centre of learning in IT.

Welcome to the IT Learning Centre: blended learning in IT for students, academics and staff.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 October 2016